Reddit app official For iOS and Android Launched

Reddit app official For iOS and Android Launched

Reddit Lauched official Android app and iOS on thursday. Reddit was using unofficial mobile reddit app Alien Blue from october 2014. The Beta version of the app was lauched in 2014 and was successful. The new Reddit app is simple and modern looking from website. The new apps will replace Alien Blue app and will be removed from app store. but those who already have installed, remain available for those.

Reddit have great popularity and increasing from last few years. The developer said it is very big project to replacing the app into new one that company have decided. Developers who like the app more decided to create their own Reddit client.

Reddit offered user to get rid of from ads if user download the app with in 1st week and log in to new account. Reddit Gold is paid add-on , let user built a custom avatar and many more features. User that don’t want to left the Alien Blue, Reddit will not force them. Also the old version will available for that users those who not want to left the Alien Blue.


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