What are the pros and cons of social media?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

Social networks are gaining more followers these days, especially from young people and teenagers. In the world of social media, everything that glitters is not gold, it has its positive side as well as has a negative side, for that reason I come to tell you about pros and cons of social media.

What are social networks?

First of all, I would like to explain what social network is and after that we will discuss pros and cons of social media. A social network is a social structure composed of a set of individuals or organizations that are related according to some criteria (professional relationship, friendship, kinship, etc.).

A social network is a digital medium through which we will be able to communicate with other people, companies or organizations and establish a relationship with them, whether professional or person.

That is, social networks serve to communicate with other people. This platform has both faces positive and negative that why I will discuss about pros and cons of social media below:

For what are the social network good for?

Understanding what features social networks have and how people use them is basic and fundamental for any company. If we understand what people do in social media, how they behave, how much time they spend, when they use them, etc. We will understand their behavior patterns and we will know how to adapt our marketing strategies to people.

Advantages of Social Networks for Companies and Professionals

Improve the Personal Brand

  • Social Networks have become the new role for you to write your new curriculum 2.0.
  • Some of the most demanded profiles this year 2018 correspond or are related to areas of digital marketing and social media.
  • Areas where the classic resume on paper has its days numbered and where what really acquires a determining value is our personal brand on the Internet

They help you find a job

One of the great benefits of social networks is that they can help you find a job in marketing or in any area related to your activity.  If you look, I’ve told you that 20% of people in social media use them to look for work.

In fact, this factor is directly related to the fact of creating a strong personal brand, by achieving this you can opt for better paid jobs and allow you to access more job offers.

Can get employee from social media:

If you have business and looking for employee then social media platform is great way to get employee for your business.

Disadvantages of Social Networks

Most of the disadvantages of Social Networks come from misuse or misconfiguration of our profiles, although they could combine both in the lack of training or experience in the management of our social channels.

Bad configuration of the privacy of social profiles

This is an error or a disadvantage in social media since the default configuration offered by most Networks is not optimized and protected as it should be.

It is important that before starting to publish content on your social profiles you spend a few minutes to review all the privacy information so that afterwards you do not take unwanted surprise

Not knowing the rules of the Networks

Very few people spend 10 minutes reading the rules of each of the networks, but this is very important because we can create an account incorrectly or breach some rule in the design of the profile or account management, which may even take us to the closure of our account.

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