Are You Able to Receive an Error Message Like WS-43689-01 on the Display on the PS4?

This is the Playstation Network. The Network has been in existence since the moment Playstation 3 was launched and offered a variety of features that improved Playstation users the experiences overall. PSN offers many services, such as PlayStation Store PS Store, PS Plus PS Now, PS Now, and PS Now.

PS Plus or Playstation Plus is an exclusive membership to Playstation Network that offers free games each month, exclusive discounts for online multiplayer, as well as PS Plus collection.

While PS Plus has many benefits but it’s not perfect, and errors can be found everywhere and everywhere.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably getting an error message of WS-43689 on the PS4.

This error message WS-43689-01 appears when you play games on your PS4 when you purchase PS Plus. PS Plus subscription. This is usually the case in the event that the credit card you chose could not be accepted or was not able to be used due to technical issues.

To help you, we’ve put together an instructional guideline to solve the error code WS-43689-0 for your PlayStation 4.

Let’s get started!

1. Check Playstation Servers.

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Before changing the settings on the settings of your PS4 The first thing we suggest is to identify if the issue is on the PlayStation’s or your device’s. Sometimes, PSN’s servers go down because of unexpected issues or for maintenance.

The best way to verify this by visiting the official Playstation website to check for updates on their status and determining if their servers are experiencing issues.

In the event that the servers on Playstation Network are not working We suggest you hold off for a few minutes until Sony’s team gets the chance to fix the problem. Because you cannot solve server-related issues on your own device, altering PS4’s settings will not have any effect.

It is possible to switch to the next option below if you discover no issues regarding PSN servers. PSN servers.

2. Check Your Payment Method.

PayPal Cash Card

If you’re not able to pay for a PS Plus subscription, there is a good chance that the problem is due to the payment method you made. If you’re paying by credit card, it’s possible you’ve lost the credit card’s code when you entered it in your PS4.

Let’s be honest. The keyboard on the Playstation can be complex in some cases.

Make sure to verify your card’s information, including the card’s number along with the date of expiry and the date of CVV expiry prior to using the second Playstation Plus subscription to ensure that you are using the correct card.

3. Re-Register Your Card.

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An error or glitch can occur when you are making your payments accessible through your PSN Account. To resolve this issue, try adding your payment method and verify whether the error message is gone.

You can follow these steps in order to upgrade your payment method to PSN:

  • To begin, you must open any browser that supports web browsing and navigate to the PSN sign-in page.
  • Log in to your account, and then navigate to your Account settings.
  • Go to “Payment Mode” and remove your card of current use.
  • After that, press to click the button for adding an option to pay with a button and enter the information that you have on your credit card.

After that you can turn off the Playstation 4 and try purchasing another PS Plus subscription.

4. Try A Different Card.

ADPF79 Generic credit card picture

If you’re unable to get an PS Plus subscription, there’s the possibility that your existing card has been in trouble for a short duration. To rule out the possibility, attempt to add a new debit card to your PSN Account.

In this means you’ll be able to determine if the issue could be due to your PSN account or Your bank.

If all your credit cards are working well, we suggest that calling your financial institution to talk about the issue that you’ve encountered on the account.

5. Purchase Using Third-Party Services.

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The services offered by PSN are not accessible at present, which causes the error code WS-43689-0 to show up in the screen of your PS4. This case, we suggest that you purchase PS Plus subscriptions. PS Plus subscription using third-party service providers.

However, be aware that this option could result in extra costs in addition to the PS Plus subscription’s cost.

If you’re happy with this, then read the steps below to help you navigate the process:

  • First step opening Amazon’s website using any browser on the internet.
  • Then you can type in the Playstation Plus search baron in the search box.
  • Choose your PS Plus subscription from the list with the words ” Digital Code” in the name. Also, we recommend you choose an online store with a good rating to avoid getting scammed.
  • Then verify your purchase, and then complete the transaction.

After you’ve done that, then follow the steps on the next page on how to purchase the PS Plus subscription:

  • If you have an Playstation, go to Your PS Store then visit the Redeem Codes page.
  • Enter your digital codeyou’ve bought from Amazon.
  • Once you’ve completed the procedure, click to click the R2 buttonto continue , and then press “Confirm to finish the process.

You are now able to go back to play your favorite online games with no worries!

6. Update Your PS4.

Update the System Software of PS4 to the Latest Built

The current version of PS4 may be having problems that are caused by PS Plus or online payments. To rule this out, we recommend you upgrade your console with the latest version.

Follow the steps below to learn how you can make changes to the settings on your PS4:

  • To begin, you must open your settings page on your Playstation 4..
  • Once you’ve got that opened, go to it on the Software Update tab in the System Software Update tab.
  • After that then, select “Update Now”and then click the accept. click to accept in the event that you have an update that you could install.

Once you’ve changed to PS4 and then go back to the PS Store and purchase a PS Plus service to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

7. Reset Your PS4.

Reset the PS4 Console

If you’re still in a position to purchase an PS Plus subscription on your Playstation Try restarting your system. This will let you know that there isn’t any issue with the file or error codes within the PS4’s operating system.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to reset the PS4: PS4:

  • Check that the PlayStation 4 is switched off. After that, you must hold the Switch to Power until you hear another beep that signals you to start Secure Mode..
  • Connect your controller to your charging cable. Press the PS button.
  • Then, select on the start PS4 option and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to reset your console.

Once you’ve completed this, login to your PSN account, and try to buy PS Plus. PS Plus subscription once more to see whether the issue has been solved.

8. Report the Problem to Playstation.

PlayStation Video App Now On Android Devices

In this instance we recommend that you look advice from the experts if you’re not able to purchase a PS Plus subscription.

Visit the Playstation website and contact the support department to let them know about the problem in your Playstation Network Account. Include the details of your account as well as what version you have of PS4 and an image of the issue, should you be able to, in order to accelerate the process.

It’s the end of our tutorial to fix the WS-43689-01 error on PS4. PS4. If you have any queries or issues you’re having, write a comment below and we’ll glad to help you.

Purchases made through services of third parties

PSN services may not be available to purchase at the time, which could cause the error code WS-43689-0 appearing to show up on the PS4. In this situation, we advise you to purchase PS Plus subscriptions PS Plus subscription using third-party service providers. But, be aware that using this option can result in additional charges on top of the cost that you have to pay in exchange for you PS Plus subscription.

If you’re satisfied with it, then you can follow these steps to help follow the process:

  • Then, visit the Amazon website using any browser.
  • Then you can type Playstation Plus in the search bar.
  • Choose the PS Plus subscription from the list with the word “Digital Code” for the topic. We recommend picking a company with good reviews to avoid getting frauds.
  • The last and not the least is to verify your purchase and then complete your payment.

Once you’re done, follow the steps to redeem the remaining portion part of the PS Plus subscription:

  • In your Playstation go to your PS Store and go through the Redeem Codes page.
  • Input the coupon code you purchased on Amazon.
  • Once you’ve completed the process you press”R2″ to go on the process and then Click Confirm to confirm that you have completed the process.
  • It is now possible to go back to play online games and not worry over it!

Upgrade your PS4

The version currently installed on your PS4 system version may be experiencing issues when it comes to PS Plus or online payments. To rule out this possibility, it’s advised to change your PS4 to the latest version. Check out the steps below on the best way to update the PS4: PS4:

  • To start, go to your Settings section on the Playstation 4. Playstation 4.
  • Once you’ve found it, go to the System Software Update tab.
  • Then, select Update Now and press OK to confirm that an update is in place.

Reset your PS4

  • Check that your PS4 switched off. Hold down the power button until you hear another beep . This is to enter Safe Mode.
  • Connect your device to charge cable. Press your controller’s PS button.
  • Then, select on the Initialize PS4 option, and follow the instructions on the screen to reset your console.


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