Know these part time jobs an International student studying in Canada can do

Studying and working, side by side, is sometimes a blessing in disguise. But, how many of you all actually take the time to do this?It’s definitely not easy, when there are a lot of courses and exams to give per semester or annual basis. However, this blog is going to talk about the possible part time jobs for international students in Canada. Yes, Canada is a migration’s paradise with thousands of Indians migrating annually for better job opportunities. In the long run, doing a part time job can also benefit if a particular student intends to apply for a Permanent Residence later on.

More plus points! You will definitely get more experience apart from your time when you study in Canada. Work experience in a resume while studying is always an advantageous for the start of a bright career. 

As per the rules, one who study in Canada can work for a maximum of 20 hours/week. This is the maximum limit, and a student can work for fewer numbers of hours too. Yes, it can bring some extra pocket money while living on your own in a foreign country. However, sometimes it can be difficult to study in Canada and work when the courses enrolled are difficult or requires a lot of practical works. So, it’s better to know one’s capabilities and study potentials before applying for a part time job. Be specific about the type of work that you wish to, such that you can carry it along when you study in Canada. Try to find jobs as close to your field of study as possible

An international student can work both in-campus and off-campus. The rate of pay can differ and are usually paid by hours. However, an international student who studies in Canada opts for off-campus work, he/she needs to apply for an off-campus work permit after finishing 6 months of study.

Some of the common part- time jobs that one can look for or apply while studying in Canada are Bookkeeper, Educational interpreter, Sales Assistant, Lifeguard, Customer Service Assistant, Cook, Human Resources Assistant, Painter, Camp counselor, Recreation Facilitator, Baker, Programme Facilitator, Translator, Waiter, Content Editor, Writer, Tutor, Fitness Instructor, Music Teacher, Social Media Assistant, Dog Walker, Bartender, Web Designer and Cafeteria Worker.

Most of these jobs are easy to carry on a minimum of 12 hours per week and a maximum of 20 hours per week. Some of the jobs pay slightly higher than others. For instance, a translator can earn a pay, ranging between $14 – $55 per hour. In the case of a waiter, one can earn a lot with tips that can go upto $ 20 per hour.

On the other hand, a part time content editor can start earning from $14 per hour. In the case of writer, if you have exceptional writer skills in a specific subject area, you can earn upto $55 per hour.

Tutoring these days are also a great option, when it just involves sitting in one place and helping out kids with a particular subject. And the best part – the hourly wage can go upto $60 per hour.

Next, working part time as a personal fitness trainer is also beneficial as the hourly wage can go upto $30 per hour. Even better, if you opt for those home personal training sessions, you can earn upto $75-$100 an hour. At the same time,if you make it with good name as an experienced teacher, the hourly wages  can go upto $100-$150 an hour.  

Next as a Social Media Assistant, one can also easily start earnings from up to $21 an hour.  In case of opting as a part time Dog Walker, one can charge between $16 for an hour-long group. Isn’t that interesting? If you wish for private hour walks, earn yourself between $20-$25 for private half-hour walks.

Now, some of the major and best cities for work and study in Canada are Vancouver, Burnaby, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. So, make the best of your time as you study in Canada and work, earning some and building a quality career ahead!


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