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Oppo A57 Hidden Features (Tips & Tricks) | UI features

Oppo A57 Hidden features, Shortcut Key. 7 Hidden Tip & Tricks of Vivo v5 Plus | How to enable these Option & Shortcut keys. Camera Hidden Features and More – Short Description about the Topic.

Oppo A57 Hidden Features :

Oppo recently launch new smartphone OPPO A57. This device has amazing features and specifications. Today we talk about the hidden features of Oppo A57.

OPPO A57 Hidden Features

  • Taking Long ScreenShot : In Oppo A57 user take 44 Pages long screen shot
  • How to Use this Option : User Just Long Press Volume UP (+) and Power Button at Same time and take long screen shot and share with you besties.
    For Single page screenshot, just swipe three fingers. UP TO DOWN.

  • Take Photo on Off screen without Open the Camera :
  • How to Use this Option : User Just Long Press the Volume UP (+) and Volume DOWN (-) buttons at Same time and Picture automatically save in your gallery.

  • OFF Screen Gestures :
  • User can use our half phone without switch ON the screen, How to activate these options, Follow Steps :
    – Double tap to Wake Up .
    – Draw O to start cameras.
    – Draw V to turn Flash light.
    – Swipe two Fingers, Up to Down for Play Music.
    – Draw > for next song track.
    – Draw < for perivous song track.
    and great thing is that user also can set 7 gestures, According to his need.
    – Go to Settings >> Find the Screen Gestures OR Off Screen Gestures >> Enable the all Gestures which one, user want to be used.

  • Smart Call (Smart Answering)
  • – Auto Answer by Motion : Don’t need to swipe or touch a finger for attending a call, After activate this option, user Just Pick a phone direct to ear phone automatically Pick a call.
    – Swipe the Speaker by Motion :
    – Flip to Mute : Dont Need to touch on screen OR volume button , Just Flip your phone for mute the ringing.
    East to Call :
    How to Activate : Go to Setting >> Gesture & motion >>

  • FingerPrint Sensor use for Open Different Apps
  • – In Oppo A57 users can use Fingerprint for open different-different applications . User has option to set 5 fingerprints for different apps, according to his need.
    How to set :
    – Go to Setting >> Click on Fingerprint Sensor >> Set Fingerprints on applications.

    Eye Protection Mode : If you love to reading articles or newspaper on phone, this option is best for you.
    How to activate : Swipe Down on Main screen Options >> Find out the Eye-Protection-Mode >> Click on it and enable.

    Camera features of OPPO A57

    In new smartphone of OPPo : Oppo A57 has new camera features, Follow me and try these amazing camera features.
    Bokeh mode : This option helps to capture amazing DSLR effect photos, Focus on Object and background is automatically blur.
    How to use Open the Camera >> Click on Corner option (Like a three circle) >> Click on Bokeh mode >> Capture Amazing effect selfies.
    Gif Mode Gif Mode is new option in Oppo smartphone, In this Option, user can see TWO option
    1) Positive
    2) Reverse : In this Mode Phone recording 9sec recording like a videos, When some open the picture, phone play this GIF in Reverse Video.
    Ultra HD Mode : Two time increase the Quality of Pictures.
    Expert Mode : User can Customize full len, according to his need.
    Double Explore : This Mode used for amzzing 3D effects in pictures.


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