Oppo A5 2020 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Tricks

Oppo recently Launched his new smartphone OPPO A5 2o2o. This has Amazing features because oppo offer Premium features in the affordable Price range and one thing more oppo developers addon list of new Hidden features and Tips and Tricks.

Oppo A5 2020 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks :

How to Enable Banner Notification, Floating Window Mode in Oppo A5 2020:

This Feature is basically for Preview the Notifications without open the application. The great thing about this feature is that when you received any notification system prompt you one banner notification. This feature is very unique from other smartphones.

 How to Find Out: Go to Main Apps >> Click on the Phone Manager >> Click on Floating Window Mode >> Enable the apps according to your needs.


How to Block Notification of Useless apps in Oppo A5 2020 :

In Modern time, Our smartphone mobile data enable 24/7 hours and we are getting lots of notifications. How to Block useless notification.

How to Block: How to Find Out: Go to Main Apps >> Click on the Phone Manager >> Click on the Which you want to Block.


How to take ScreenShot in Oppo A5 2020:

How to ScreenShot of Screen:  Just Swipe Down Three Finger from Upper to Bottom >> System Will automatically take the screenshot.


How to Customize the Home Screen Launcher in Oppo A5 2020 :

It depends on the user which the user-interface is comfortable for use.

  • Some Like the Swipe Left-Right user-interface.
  • Some Like the Swipe Bottom to UP user-interface.

How to Change User-interface: Long Press on Home-Screen  >>  Click on Home-Screen Settings >> Click on Home-Screen Mode >> Select the Launcher according to his need.

How to Create a Clone of Whatsapp and Facebook in Oppo A5 2020 :

How to Clone: Go to Settings >> Click on Clone Apps >> Select App which you Want to Clone.


How to Enable Multi-Window in A5 2020

Multi-window one of the amazing option because we can do two task simultaneously.

How to Enable it: Open the 1st task >> Then Swipe Bottom to Upper Side >> System Automatically enable the multi-tasking window (Means 2nd Window).


How to Lock Application without using 3rd Party Application in Oppo A5 2020 :

Default app locker is 10 times better than 3rd party application because 3rd party application shows too many Ads while using that app but don’t worry for that oppo offer default App Locker.

How to Enable: Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Click on Apps Encryption >> Then Set up the Number Lock Then set up the lock on those applications which you want to lock.


How to Set Timer Before Give you A5 2020 to Kid Hands: KIDS MODE

in Oppo A5 2020 :

This Feature for those users who give their smartphone to kids, Kids Mode is very helpful for kids also they less spend their on the phone or when the time is over, Kid receive one alert you spending 1hour on the phone, I Strongly believe this feature is very helpful for family members and kids also. Set up the timer when you give your smartphone to kids.

How to Set up: Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Click on Kids Mode >> Then Set up the Timer.


How to Make Private Space in Oppo A5 2020

This Feature is amazing for hiding your data or make a separate space on the phone. You Can Save your photos, documents, files in private safe.

How to Enable it: Go to Settings >> Click on Privacy then click on Private Safe >> Set up the number lock >> Click on Done then System activate your Private Space in A5 2020.

How to Customize Top Shortcut Navigation Keys in Oppo A5 2020:

Every smartphone, Users use this feature too much because of this direct shortcut of complex features but sometimes users don’t change this feature according to the needs.

How to Change: Open the Notification Panel >> Swipe Down the Shortcut panel >> You See the too many at bottom >> Long Press on the bottom option which you want according to the need.

How to Enable Black and White Screen option in Oppo A5 2020:

How to Enable: Go to Settings >> Swipe Down the Shortcut panel >> You See the to many at bottom >> Enable the Black White Option.

How to Find out App Permission Settings in oppo A50 2020:

This option is one of the complex option ever I seen in the smartphone system.

How to Find Out: Go to Main Apps >> Click on the Phone Manager >> Click on Privacy Setting >> Click on Apps Permission.


How to Operate Cameras of Oppo A5 2020:

All Company is Upgrade his smartphone camera features because good cameras are the 1st requirement of customers in nowadays and Oppo developer also upgrade his new smartphone camera feature, Let’s Begin.

How to Activate Ultra-Wide-Camera:

Open the Camera >> Click on RECTANGLE BOX Icon >> DEMO PHOTO BELOW:


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