On-Demand Mobile Apps to Watch Out

On-Demand Mobile Apps to Watch Out for in 2019: With the number of mobile phone users in the world projected to surpass five billion by 2019 and 197 billion mobile apps downloaded last year alone, our fingertips have become the power tools of the 21st century.

The on-demand economy which was propelled by companies like Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb, is now entrenched into our daily lives. With such a dizzying parade of apps and a relentless “Ubernization” of the world, what are the interesting tech trends of 2019 you need to watch out for? Here is our verdict.

Food is hot… and so is Uber Eats!

We will start on a sweet note — food of course!

Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes are the leading on-demand food apps right now, and they will likely remain the market leaders in 2019. Using cutting-edge logistics technology and algorithms, they match drivers with orders. If we had to guess, we’d say that — riding on its strong Uber brand pedigree — Uber Eats will stay hot all year long.

This doesn’t mean that DoorDash and Foodora aren’t making waves, however. Though not a front-runner, Foodora is taking the city of Toronto by storm with its bike delivery service model and DoorDash is now experimenting with “virtual restaurants”, which could be a game changer in the near future.

Health goes digital

Slowly but surely, digitalization and on-demand mobile apps are entering the health space. The Akira mobile platform is blazing the trail by offering “instant healthcare and doctor-on-demand services,” while Equinoxe launched a similar service called EQ Virtual in 2014 for the BC market and has managed over 40,000 visits since.

Loblaws, Walmart, Rexall and Telus are also considering similar virtual health services, based on the successful Telemedicine model, and it’s clear that virtual health care on-demand app needs will increase further in 2019.

What’s next after Uber?

Since Uber turned the ignition switch in 2008, this popular on-demand cab service app has disrupted the transportation industry and grown into a $60 billion business. Many taxi companies in Canada are also adopting this business model, and in 2019, Lyft will continue to nibble at Uber’s market share and more players will enter the space.

Beauty at your door

People usually go to salons to get beauty treatment, but with busier schedules, the beauty industry is shifting its business model to serve Canadians wherever and whenever they want it.

PrettyBird is Canada’s largest mobile beauty platform promising to “disrupt beauty and change the way women get gorgeous!” and BeGlammed is a more premium beauty brand that serves only Toronto. Based on what we know, these will likely remain the dominant mobile beauty providers in 2019.

On-Demand Mobile Apps to Watch Out for in 2019

On-demand services. Niche is it!

On-demand Mobile Apps for home services will probably be the fastest growing sector in 2019 with the growing need to take the hassle out of booking home repairs. Need a handyman, dog walker, snow clearer, babysitter, or house cleaner right away? Just name it! Canada now has it all.

This sector will see an explosive growth in 2019 and more niche on-demand mobile apps catering to the individualized needs and whims of convenience-craving Canadians.

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With Canadians increasingly looking for convenience and instant gratification, the on-demand mobile apps sector will get even more feverish in 2019 and beyond.