The New Moto X4 is About the Hit the Market by the End of this Year

With the advent of technology, many new devices got their place in the human life also. One of such noteworthy devices is a cell phone. Initially, it just offered the facility of talking and texting from anywhere to the user, but with the introduction of the smartphone, the world of communication got changed completely. It does not allow one to get pictures or shoot videos only but also helps to get each and every type of support from the global platform using the internet. This proved much supportive to the users who love to carry out different tasks and hence the demand of these devices started to increase every coming day. Knowing the vast opportunity of earning in this segment, many known brands started the production of the same among which the Motorola Corporation also has been one of the leading names.

In the swarm of Chinese companies taking over the smartphone market, Moto was the first American international company which was founded in 1928 in Illinois. Moto was the first company which brought out smartphones in the market and still now stands as one of the pioneering brands. In respect of extent, Moto is the brand which is in constant competition with Samsung, and they have the most used smartphones in the country. If you are Moto user and want to upgrade yourself to a high-end product, then the following Moto X4 can be your choice.

The new Moto X4, which is speculated to release in December 2017, is a new venture of the Moto X series. It is definitely one of the high-end phones and has the features that can be worth waiting for. If you are planning to buy a phone lesser than 25 thousand range, and if stuck with choice or are in need of choices, then visit for a clearer perspective and knowledge.

Display and Screen

The Motorola X4 will have a 5.2 inches full high definition IPS LCD which has a pixel density of 424 PPI. It also has a Gorilla glass to protect the screen from breaking, and the phone is made water and dust resistant entirely. With a full high definition 1080 x 1920pixels display, the screen is a treat to the user with immaculate viewing and vibrant colours oozing out of the screen. The whole panel of the phone is a 3D contoured glass which is bonded to an aluminium frame. For a user, the screen is much useful as it is almost a standard screen and with a better resolution, one can enjoy the best view of an image as well as a video clip. The standard size also helps the user to enjoy fast typing and proper dialling of numbers.


The phone runs on Android v7.1 Nougat operating System which has an Octa Core 2.2 GHz processor. It is seated on a Snapdragon 630 chipset and has a 3GB RAM. It is important to look into the software that the phone uses and make sure that the phone is capable of running smoothly without any hindrance. With the latest version of the Android and standard processor as well as high RAM one can enjoy faster operation than ordinary devices.


The Moto X4 has a dual primary camera of 12MP and 8 MP along with a 16 MP front camera which is perfect for clicking selfies. The phone also possesses a dual LED flash which helps to click bright pictures in low light conditions. This smartphone uses the two sensors which creates depth blur effects and supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. Moreover, it has some of the beautiful camera features like autofocus, exposure compensation, ISO Control, Continuous shooting, HDR, Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, touch to focus and so on. With the classic features on this device, the selfie lovers can enjoy the best resolution of the camera for images as well as video clips.

Battery and Storage

The phone derives its charge from a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery which comes with a fast charging support. You can also charge it from your computer through a USB Type C port. The device is also known for its long-lasting battery so that the professional users also do not need to afraid of being out of the battery.

This smartphone from Motorola has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB with an expandable memory of 2TB with the help of a micro-SD card. The expandable memory capacity is starkly high, and one can store huge amounts of films, videos, songs, and other data and document files. The huge storage on this device can help one to store the data for a long period so that the overall utility of the device can be enhanced for a user.

Connectivity Options

The phone will have a dual SIM card slot which fits NANO SIM cards. The Moto X4 offers a range of connectivity options like 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, NFC, GPS and USB type-C.


The phone is expected to release by the end of this year, and the expected price of the phone is 24,990 INR. The phone is a perfect choice if you are looking for a phone which falls within the medium price range.


Motorola is one of the most competent mobile brands in the market, and the performance of the phone undoubtedly cannot be questioned. The phone can be marked as one of the best medium price range phones and its attractive design along with strong features can be a good value for money. The phone has a really good camera features with a 16 MP front camera. If you are keen in clicking selfies and pictures, then this phone is a good choice. The expandable storage space of the phone is incomparable to any other phone in the market. One can store a lot of images and mp3 files in its 2TB expandable memory space. Thus, it is a good phone if design, camera, and storage are your top priority!

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