NEET 2019: Online Knockout Courses Made Available for NEET Aspirants: Get Details

Preparations for NEET is usually very cumbersome and requires constant attention and preparations in creative ways. The knowledge tested in NEET tests are on the subjects ranging from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The purpose of the NEET exam is to streamline the process of admissions in MBBS and BDS courses.

There are about 27,590 seats in government colleges and 25,480 seats in private colleges. With so many seats and counselling to be done, preparation has to be top notch. Here is a knockout course available for all the NEET aspirants which will help them to crack the exam. So, let us decipher the details of this NEET knockout course.

What is NEET Knockout Program?

NEET knockout program is a comprehensive preparation module designed to crack NEET. The product module is divided into seven parts. It is a structured timetable with access to your own personalized study planner, video lectures worth 250 hours, smart self-study material with access to complete concept based content. It also has advanced test series, competitive analysis of the aspiring candidate in comparison to their peers, performance analysis and doubt clearing sessions. The aspiring NEET candidate can gain an in-depth analysis of their strengths, weakness and current level of preparation.

Why the Knockout Program?

It is a new, engaging and faster e-learning tool which facilitates an effortless learning of concepts. It can help students to get a fresh perspective and get immersed in an engaging experience to excel in the NEET 2019 examinations. The NEET knockout online course does not include the MBBS companion.

The validity of this knockout course is until the date of the NEET 2019 examinations. Along with NEET exams preparations, it will help students gain momentum for other medical examinations as well. Usually, people consider enrolling into the NEET knockout courses as a last resort, but it has been proven to be very helpful for the NEET aspirants who already take regular coaching.

The complete course will cost you around INR 6999/-. The payment option for this online knockout course can be made through online transactions, debit card, credit cards and through the e-wallet app Paytm.

NEET knockout course is highly beneficial which students do not understand in starting. Here is a list of benefits which have been ensured a seamless studying experience with the NEET online knockout course:

  • The tests will help students gauge the time they spend during different sections.
  • It helps in overall time management.
  • There are unlimited tests to practice from. The candidates can binge on practice tests.
  • There is no time boundary to attempt these mock tests.
  • These knockout online courses will help to enhance speed management skills.
  • The important topics to cover and give more weight will now be clearer.
  • The candidate can concentrate on weak sections and based on the SWOT analysis prepare better.
  • NEET online knockout courses are one of the most cost-effective courses available in the market.
  • It covers the complete syllabus.
  • It is available with many wonderful add-ons such as customized timetables, performance analysis, 24*7 chat sessions, and unlimited test papers.

With such massive features, these online knockout courses are worth enrolling into. Apart from the course, the candidate must have a positive frame of mind to score above 600 to gain admissions into the top medical colleges. Always focus on topics which are of more marks questions in the paper and solve them. Above all, be sincere and avoid procrastination. Prepare and get to the depth of a concept. It will help you cover more topics and finish your syllabus faster.

All the best!


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