Many people have experienced the “free message” error: unable transmit message – message blocking activate many times. This can be frustrating, especially if you need to send urgent messages.

Android and iPhone users (ios) reported getting the message blocking error “message block was active” right after sending an SMS. T-Mobile is the main carrier that users experience this issue. We make it simple for users who have experienced this problem with other carriers.

What does “Message Blocking Is Active” Means?

What does "Message Blocking Is Active" mean?

When “message blocking is active” appears on your phone’s screen, an active notification will appear (Android and iPhone; T-Mobile). This is the most common reason why message blocking occurs (Android, iPhone, and T-Mobile).

What is the  Main Cause of  Message Blocking error?

We received many reports from users about the problem and decided to investigate it. We also examined the possible causes and listed them below.

Service outage: This was most likely caused by a service interruption from the provider’s end. The message service could have been halted or a temporary maintenance cut.

Blocklist: This is what the message will be sent to. Make sure you can contact them by phone.

Premium SMS Message Access: Certain messaging apps may block premium SMS messages from being sent and received.

T-Mobile Short Code Problem: This issue was reported to us by a customer of T-Mobile. The problem was caused by an error in the shortcodes that were set to block. T-mobile Support technicians can resolve this technical issue.

After understanding the problem’s origin, we can start to find solutions. Make sure they are in the same order.

What is Blocking a Message Activated?

  1. Towards the Check Range

Check that your network coverage is sufficient. You will not be able to send or receive text messages if you don’t know the range.

Make sure your device settings are active. It may be hard to call or send text messages or make calls.

2: Check your plan for Messages

First, ensure that you enable text messages sent/receive on your account settings page. 2. You can also block the message by selecting this option. Text messages are not part of your paid plan.

2: To determine if there’s enough room

To send a text message, you need at least 15% of the space. Google is the best search engine for determining if you have entered the correct country codes.

5: Save the Contact

If you are still having trouble and none of the options above have worked, it could be because you entered the wrong number. Edit the message to correct this error.

As we have mentioned, you can’t send a message to someone who has blocked you.

How can I Get Rid of Message Blocking on Android/iPhone

Method 1 : Get the contact number from blacklist

Open Settings > Messengers> > Edit to remove the target number off the blacklist.

It’s possible that the contact blocked you in error. There are other ways to communicate with the contact.

Method 2: Enable Premium Message Access

Scroll to the bottom of your phone’s notification panel.

  • Click the Setting Icon. It is located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Visit Apps >.
  • Select Access From the 3-dot Menu.
  • Tap Premium SMS Access.
  • Tap Message and then tap Question.

You can send the message again using these steps to confirm that the problem has been resolved.

How to Disable Message Blocking on iPhone 6, 7, 8 or XR

This section will talk about practical solutions to disable message blocking on iPhone.

Notice: The options available to iPhone users are more extensive than those recommended for Android users. We recommend that you try them all. You don’t have to do it in the reverse order. To confirm that the problem is not recurring, restart your phone.

1. Verify that the recipient information is correct

This is a good practice for all emailing and messaging issues. Incorrectly entering the recipient’s information can lead to many problems.

2. Swap SIMs, Eject SIMs

To test the functionality of your Samsung phone’s SIM card, you can swap SIM cards. Check to confirm.

3. Turn off iMessage

Turning iMessage OFF will fix the problem and isolate the issue. First, turn one-off and then switch to the other. The iMessage will then be the culprit.

Tap Settings >> Go To Messages >> Choose Turn Off.

4. Use iMessage to send a text to fix the problem

The problem with iMessage will not be the focus of this process. Instead, the process will be focused on the iMessage app to fix the problem and then attempt to send a message.

Make sure your phone is connected to an internet connection.

5. Verify the Network’s Q

An internet connection is essential for the iMessage app. Resetting your network settings is a good idea. But, if other internet-based apps work fine, there is no need to do this.

6. Are They Blocked? Are You Blocked?

This is a quick trick to disable Message Blocking for Android and iPhone.

7. Upgrading to iOS/Regarding Your iPhone’s Age

Make sure you have the latest software on your iPhone. Software upgrades are what make the iPhone 3 and 3 different.

It’s possible that your older iPhone isn’t receiving new OTA updates over-the-air or you haven’t updated in a while. Then you will be able to check for updates from Apple.

8. Reset the factory to remove Message Blocking from iPhone

A factory restart would be the last resort.

Tap on General and go to Settings. Select Reset. Enter your Apple ID password and the Phone PIN code. You can turn off Apple Find My Service by confirming your desire to delete the content.

It is possible to expect things will work if you do this, but it should not be your last resort.

How Can You Remove Active Message Blocking?

Check Coverage

Check that your network coverage has sufficient coverage. If the coverage is No, you might not be able to call people or send text messages.

View Your Phone’s Activity

Look at the device settings to make sure your phone is active. If your phone shows Suspended, you might not be able to send or receive text messages.

Find out if your Plan Includes Messages

Make sure you enable the Can send/receive SMS messages option on your account settings page. If this option is not enabled, you may see the message blocking active notification. This is because text messaging does not come with your paid plan.

Make sure there’s Enough Storage

To send text messages, you need at least 15% of space. Get rid of duplicate documents and old photos to free up space.

Make Sure you’re Using the Correct Country Code

When you travel internationally, your messaging might be blocked. You might experience blocked messaging when you travel across international borders.

Keep the contact

Contact the person responsible if the problem persists despite all the possible solutions. The contact can be deleted and saved again with the correct numbers.


As we discussed, it’s possible that your receiver is unable to send you a message because your contact has been blocked.


Unknown Contacts Blocked on your Android device:

Navigate to the phone app. Navigate to your phone app.

Blocking an Android number:

Navigate to your Phone app and click the button that says More Option. Next to the Unblock button, the contact you wish to remove from your block list will be displayed.

Block/Unblock a Contact on an iPhone

From your Homescreen tap on the Mobile App and from the Application Library. You can also tap on an unknown contact to block it.

Premium Access

It’s easy to check if your phone is eligible for premium access.


Your message might be blocked by non-text elements. This is due to the 160 characters limit. If your plain text message exceeds this limit, it may be converted into an MMS.


Your number could still be registered as an IMessaging number even after you switch from an iPhone to an Android device. Contact Apple for assistance.

Reset your phone

This is the last resort if all other options have failed. Remove the battery from the phone’s battery compartment and place it back in the tray.

How can I Get Text Messages on My Phone from Someone Who Blocks Me?

If you don’t get replies to your messages, it doesn’t necessarily signify that they have blocked or removed you.

Search for the delivered text immediately beneath your message.

If they do this, it is most likely that your friend or someone you were messaging is away from their phone or is busy with something else. If they block your message, your phone will not send it and you won’t receive it.

You can text someone using an Android phone and they have an iPhone. These messages are known as SMS messages. The send button, as well as the messages, will be shown in green.

Sending an SMS message will delay the delivery of your SMS message. It may take some time for it to arrive. Because of the volume of text messages sent between Android phones and iOS, it is possible that it may take some time for delivery.

You can send an email to the administrator if you don’t see the error.

  • Good WiFi
  • Data in 3 or more bars
  • A friend has enough WiFi
  • You know the truth.

You might also be blocked by them. There is also a possibility that they might have blocked your path.

  • You may have been blocked. These are other possibilities:
  • You have sent a message to the wrong number.
  • Service is unavailable for you.
  • It’s not connected to WiFi
  • A friend is not connected to WiFi.
  • The data is not available to your friend.
  • This is a way to send a message to an Android user or vice versa.

Your iPhone is out-of-date (at the moment iOS 8 or below does not have enough support to send text messages from other devices).




How To Deactivate Message Blocking On Metro PC

Subscribe to a Subscription

This subscription doesn’t give you access to the features that you need. Many cases can be solved with a simple subscription.

Modify SIM Card

Find out if your sim can be changed. Transfer the sim from one phone to another and check if it works.

Resetting Network Settings

Resetting the network settings is another option. This will show you the most frequent errors. You can then send a message to Metro Pcs. They can offer suggestions for sim cards refreshes, smartphones, and messaging features.


Message Blocking is an active message on Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the default messaging option for most Google phones. You can send either a hangout message or a standard text message, but your recipient’s number must also be associated with their Gmail.

Try these basic troubleshooting steps if you are having difficulties. Verify that your cellular reception is good and that the Wi-Fi works properly. If neither of these steps fail, sign out of Hangouts and log back in.

It is easy to sign out using your phone. Open the Hangouts app, and then navigate to the menu bar in the upper left corner. Click on Settings, then go to your Google Account and click on Sign Out. When you open the app again, log back in by clicking on Sign In. Verify your phone number, and allow Hangouts to be found by your contacts.

T-Mobile Allows you to Block Messages without Any Charge.

T-Mobile customers seem to be the most affected of all the service providers. If the device is not updated, they might see the message blocker as an active message on their screen or an action prompt. You might also experience this if your character limit is exceeded.

Solution for T-Mobile device message blocking

For Android phones

  • Clear all cache data in the Messaging app
  • Verify that you have entered the correct contact number for the recipient
  • You can try uninstalling the messaging app and then reinstall it on your device
  • Access Point Names (APNs) can be restored to their default settings


For Apple Phones

  • Restore Network Settings to Their Original Settings
  • Upgrade your phone to the latest version
  • You can check if there is a problem with the network by taking out the SIM card and attaching it on a different device.

If none of these solutions work on your Android or Apple device, you can contact the respective customer service centers for more information.


Message Blocking on iMessaging is an Active Error

Like Hangouts, which is the default messaging app for all Google phones and iPhones, iMessaging works on all Apple devices. If your recipient isn’t a registered user or if you accidentally disable iMessaging, text messages can be sent via the classic SMS platform.

Resetting the Network Settings is a good idea if iMessaging stops working. This will not alter your personal data in any way, but it will delete previously used Wi-Fi networks or APN’s.

You might also have missed any updates. To check this, navigate to the Software Updates section on Settings. If none of these steps have succeeded in restoring your messaging services, then a factory restore may be the only option.

Although the steps required to perform a successful backup and restore may vary between devices, the fundamental steps are the same.

How to Perform a Backup/Restore on an iPhone

  • Go to Settings from your homepage
  • Navigate to General Settings – it might take some scrolling
  • Keep swiping down until you find Reset
  • Click on “Erase All Contents and Settings”
  • Backup files and data with iCloud
  • Click on “Erase Now” to open a dialog box. This will take you to the first level of security checks
  • Enter your password, then click on Erase iPhone
  • The second dialog box will appear when you confirm your Apple ID password.
  • Once you have completed entering your security details, the restart process should be initiated immediately.

Remember that a factory reset will erase all of your personal information including documents, music tracks and accounts. All data uploaded to iCloud can be downloaded. Factory reset is the best way to erase all local data on your device.

Lycamobile’s Message blocking is an Active Text Messages Issue

Subscribe to a Subscription Pack

To repair your Lycamobile phone, visit the Lycamobile website. You will need to buy a plan in order for it to work.

Configure Network Options

Choose the network option from your settings. Next, select the mobile network option. Finally, choose the access point name, input, and save options.

Verify that your phone supports Lycamobile.

Check if your phone is compatible with Lycamobile. Click on the Sending Profile option and select the message setting option. Tap on the first profile option to view Lycamobile’s most recent version.