Mac Running Slow ! How to improve Mac speed?

Mac Running Slow ! How to improve Mac speed?

Mac Running slow is very big problem and irratating for Mac users. So Today i will share you how to improve your Mac speed in simple setting, users just follow the simple steps and improve the Mac speed.This problem facing mainly those user which have older machines.Apple support every user, now apple tests upgrade to OS X for older machines.This OS is perfectly running on your MAC.
Users update new version OS X 10.11 and its coming with new features.OS X 10.11 is very lighter and faster than OS X 10.10 or OS X 10.9.
OS X Needs some free space to move files around, and typically we advise 10 percent of your harddisk space, atleast 10GB.

Follow Steps to Improve MAC speed

Before you even start, Check your harddisk and delete the unwanted files.Delete items store in Trash, so go to Trash and Empty now from your Mac.Check the available disk space Go >> Finder Menu bar , selecting the icon for your main hard disk and choosing File > Get info (Command + I).
Mac show you the Available space in your harddisk.if you don’t have atleast free 10 GB, so delete old files.I will suggest you for deleting the big Movies and unwanted Downloads data.

Turn Off some features

If you will free some space from your harddisk and still you experiencing slow performance,Then you turn off some features
1) Steps
Open System Preferences >> Extensions >> All Deselect Extensions.
2) Steps Open System Perfernces >> Energy Saver on.
After you doing this simple setting,restart your Mac, you may see a improve Performance and also improve the Battery life.

Turn Off Unwanted apps and

turn off some features
If you see that your Mac getting slow. The best way to improve the speed – Close down useless running programs.
How to close Down running programs – Right Click on programs in the Dock and choose unit >> Press command-Tab >> Press Command Q .

Turning off visual effects such as transparency, can deliver incremental but important performance gains. Go
System Preferences >> Accessibility, turn on Reduce transparency.
Even if text doesn’t seem blurry, go to System Preferences >> General and toggle ‘Use LCD font smoothing’ to check its appearance before and after.

User Activity Monitor to Check RAM and CPU

Use Activity Monitor to track all processes in your Mac. This features show you the List of all real time processes in your Mac.
Activity Monitor is not only show you the Processes – Its show you Five status resources – CPU , Memory , Energy , Disk and Network usage.

Log Out from other Log in items

Everytime when user login in Mac, user at the same login in other Apps networks (For Example – Dropsbox and more).This is main reason to face slow performance.logout from other Log in items .
How to logout from other Log in items
Open System Preferences >> Click Users & Groups >> Select items
Mac show you the list of applications, click on the Delete from Login Items (-) button at the bottom of the list.Its very help for you to speed up Mac.

Generating diagnostics

Choose View >> run System Diagnostic to generate a diagnostics report containing files that allow Apple to investigate issues with your Mac.
Accept the privacy agreement, then enter your account’s password to allow Apple access the details for the diagnostics test.

Increasing Your RAM

Increasing RAM has been solve the problem of Low performanc,After you increasing the RAM your Mac speed will be increased two times better.


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