Jelly shoes are slip-on and off shoes. They are made of PVC plastic which makes them more durable and handy. Plus, they are easy to wear shoes. Other ecology experts say that these plastic-made shoes can harm not just the person wearing them but also our environment. But the world is evolving, and so are the jelly shoes. There are other jelly shoes that are made of Melflex, a material made from PVC formulated by Melissa. Melflex made the shoes more thermoformable, hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable. It made the shoes more malleable and made them last longer. So here are the three things you need to know whether the jelly shoes you are wearing are safe or not.

3 Things to Know if the Jelly Shoes is Safe

3 Things to Know if the Jelly Shoes is Safe


You need to keep this in mind: the size of your shoe determines how safe your foot is. Upon wearing the jelly shoes, check if you can wiggle all your toes while wearing them. You must feel that comfortable feeling as soon as you try it, and your toes also need room for movements while walking. This may only happen if you personally go to a shoe store. If you plan to buy jelly shoes online, you need to read this: buying jelly shoes online is another big consideration for this factor. Because you can’t measure the shoes in an actual way. So to measure your foot size, remember to wear your sock first. Get a piece of paper. Sit and place your foot at the top of the paper. On a flat surface, trace your foot using a pen or pencil. By using a ruler, outline it starting from the edge of your foot up to your toes with straight lines.  Measure the length and its width in centimeters. If you want it in inches, you can convert it from centimeters to inches.


Check the design and other accessories attached to the jelly shoes. These might irritate your foot so choose jelly shoes that have simpler designs. You can choose to wear jelly slides shoes and flat jelly sandals shoes. They have different designs that you can choose from.

Think twice before wearing

This is the important thing you need to follow. Wearing any kind of shoes is good as long as you think twice before wearing them. If you are going to the beach and will spend an hour walking along the seaside, wearing jelly shoes is not the right choice. If you are going for a long walk, wearing a sock is the best thing you need to do to avoid blisters on your feet. Blisters are burned skin caused either by extreme heat, friction between your feet and your jelly shoes, or both. This may happen not only while wearing jelly shoes but also with other shoes due to spending lots of hours walking and not wearing a sock. The important part is you need to be cautious while wearing jelly shoes. A simple rule of thumb is to wear a sock while remembering not to stay out in the sun for too long.


Admit it, jelly shoes became part of our childhood memory shoes. And we need to accept that they are still trendy today. They are lightweight, easy to wear and come with different designs. They are easy to clean as well as easy to dry. So for your convenience, wearing jelly shoes is the ultimate choice. Christmas is coming, and we all know you are preparing for your gift. Planning to give gifts but can’t decide on what to give? Buying jelly shoes is the perfect choice. They are affordable and I am sure they will truly like it.