Yo, what’s up guys? Steven here and today I want to show you a ton of hidden fingers of your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro that I bet you didn’t know about rather than focusing.

This Article on the big camera upgrades or the only screen on the Pro Models. I wanted to dive a little bit deeper and show you guys some really interesting things that Apple doesn’t mention.

Let’s go ahead and jump in. All right. So first up the speakers on the iPhone 13 Pro are insanely good. No, I’m not gonna say that. They replace like an actual speaker system by any means, but if you compare it to the iPhone 12, I just want you guys to hear the difference and keep in mind this through videos. So the differences in person are even more dramatic.

The iPhone 13 Pro gets quite a bit louder for my experience.

The iPhone 13 Pro gets quite a bit louder for my experience.

The quality is a lot better than mids are not as muddied and all cluttered together. There’s a much better separation for me between the highs and the lows and while the base is still pretty much non-existent on all iPhones.

I mean, this is the biggest speaker upgrade. I can remember and recent history with the phones, being a little bit thicker this year in addition to a larger battery fitting inside. I guess Apple also decided to upgrade the speaker modules to and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. They

Some good, right again. It’s a phone speaker. But it’s the best iPhone speaker I’ve ever heard.


iPhone 13 Pro Top-Notch

iPhone 13 Pro Top-Notch

The most obvious change on the front of the iPhone. 13 is a smaller Notch.

 It, Apple says it’s 20% smaller. Although side by side. It looks quite a bit smaller than the notch that we’ve had since 2017, but what they don’t tell you is that it’s actually a bit taller as well.

Not a big deal, right? Because when you’re holding your phone in portrait mode, it looks phenomenal. But if you flip your phone over to watch a video, that isn’t in the standard 16:9 format like the high-resolution video.

This was uploaded in if you’re watching on the iPhone 13 Pro at the notch, actually cuts into what you’re looking at now.

We honestly I’m not that sorry for showing you this because somebody had to tell you the truth, sooner or later. Let it is 20% smaller.

I love that yet.


iPhone 13 Pro Fast Charging and Wireless Charging 

iPhone 13 Pro Top-Notch

That is still the most frustrating. You get your phone, obviously and a lightning to USB C cable. But yet again, Apple has removed the charger from the box, which is exactly why I partnered up with his sponsor.

Glitter, speaking power art, Duo of the arc station Pro and incredible art field. Magnetic wireless charger. First, at the charger is more advanced Anything that Apple sells using the newest gallium? Nitrate technology.

It essentially means they’re packing more wattage. That is cooler. In a smaller package, again, charges range from 20 all the way up to 100 Watts. You can even use these for devices like your iPad or MacBook, and again, it the fastest speeds with the latest tech and when you combine it with this, Sleek are field, magnetic wireless charger, that’s mostly aluminum and all black.

It gives you not only the fastest charging speeds. It also just looks really cool because Apple doesn’t sell a black magnetic charger, but speaking also has these really nice lightning cables that are definitely not going to fray or break because you can tell they’re reinforced, they feel a lot better and they come with a nice velcro strap that you can wrap it up at any time.

It’s just really nice and that’s a great option too. So if you guys want to check these out, I’ll leave links down below to both the speed and power are products that you can charge faster and better than ever before or, you know it all because Apple doesn’t include a charger.

And I want to give it over to the iPhone. 13 camera system is now, starting off with froze because obviously, you’re paying the most here. You are by far getting the most.

Pro Edition Cameras

Pro Edition Cameras

Cameras on any iPhone or I would argue phone ever. And for the first time, Apple has included a macro lens on the iPhone 13 Pro.

So you’ll notice when you get up close to something that it kind of cuts and does something weird on your viewfinder, like you’re here and then you scoot up a little bit and all the sudden it switches lenses.


That’s because it’s automatically switching to the ultra-wide macro lens to allow you to get the best shot. And I don’t even consider myself a particularly talented photographer, but the images I’ve been able to capture with the new macro lens are just Bible, I have never had this much fun shooting on my iPhone.

And here’s just a few images that I’m overlaying here, that I was able to take. It’s insane. And I’d love to hear about your experiences in the macro camera down below, but it wasn’t just the ultra-wide lens, that Apple touch this year.

They also improve the telephoto lens. Bringing true night mode there. So now you can do a long exposure, to get the best possible photo at night, using the longest focal length. Lens that traditionally has not had my load. So obviously the photos look insane, but what about videos specifically, the new

Maduk video featured that Apple was introduced where you can look away from the camera and it will switch subjects. And then back to you, when you face the camera and even the ability to edit the velour and the focus after you shot the video. It’s out of this world.

Pro Edition Cameras

What is it? So cool is that this only records in 1080P and I didn’t know that until I started looking into things a bit closer but the cinematic video is not in 4k on any iPhone even if you get the best iPhone 13 or the cheapest. iPhone 13, if you can only shoot cinematic video in 1080, very Trusting how Apple did not bring that up in the keynote whatsoever. They were just talking about how miraculous it was, which it is to be completely Fair.

The tech here is out of this world, but the resolution is pretty 2010. Would really looking at this camera system and taking it into the dark is what I’ve noticed. The biggest changes physically are on the back.

I mean, obviously, the lenses have gotten of it larger and the standard 13 is he is the crisscross lenses this year, but I’ve also noticed there’s a lot more like lead from the entire module. In fact, side by side.

You’ve got the iPhone 12 and Eyes on 13 of which the iPhone 12, had some light bleed in the iPhone 13. Just shows this really cool design when you cover up the lens and it just sort of protrudes underneath the entire system. And you also get this on the pros for the first time this year as well.


iPhone 13 High Performance

Pro Edition Cameras

 And for the first time in iPhone history, it’s the pro version. We’re going into some Benchmark software. Like geek bench. She will see.

The CPUs are pretty much, identical, give or take a few points for just how the test runs. It’s when you go into the GPU performance, that the pros are significantly better and that’s because they literally have an extra GPU core and listen, by no means does this suggest that you have to get an iPhone 13 fro to have good performance.

 It just means if you are doing a lot of GPU, heavy tasks, like playing a lot of games or running, 3D models are using augmented reality.

Reality, like you could actually see some better performance quite significantly which on top of the hundred twenty years displays upgraded camera systems and insanely good battery life makes for me the iPhone 13 Pro like the best value in the lineup, even though it’s a $1000.

I do think you’re getting the most for your money and around things out. There are new exclusive wallpapers inside of the settings out that are live for both a 13 and 13 Pro on the iPhone 13 because there are five different color options. There are five different wallpapers that you get on all the models.



iPhone 13 Pro : Zoom In Light Animation

iphone-13-pro Zoom In Light Animation`

Zoom in light in animation that I wasn’t showing any of their marketing. And it’s actually the first time I had seen it when I just press and hold my lock screen.

I know, I say this every year that the new wallpapers are the best apples ever done, but no, genuinely this year. I think, they’re really, really good. And there’s just something satisfying for the first time seeing this at a hundred twenty Hertz on the throws. I’m like, whoa, my brain, the endorphins, the chemicals.

They’re just, they’re popping off out here and, you know, I gotta watch my screen time. Anyway guys. Those are my hidden features and other secrets. For the iPhone 13 things that I bet you didn’t know.

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