iPhone 10 wons the heart of Peoples in all our world. iPhone 10 beat’s all premium smartphones in the market. The device is really very beautiful and Apple developers create something unique this time, iPhone 10 has some much Hidden features | Tips and Tricks. Let’s talk about iPhone X in detail.

1) How to Minimize the Application :

Iphone 10 has no physical button of minimize the applications. Now how we can minize and how we can open the recently Applications.
Follow Steps :
— When you open any application in Iphone X, You will be seen the Black colour line on the end of the screen >> You Just hold you finger on BLACK LINE >> Swipe it UP >> Your application is minimized.

I Know Now one more question in mind. How we can open the Recently Applications Don’t worry.
Follow Steps : For Open the Recently applications :
— Just Swipe your finger Down to Up ( End of the display to Top of the Display ).
Minimize the apps in iphone 10

2) How to Call SIRI with using buttons :

Most of peoples said now we don’t have home button, how’s we are call the SIRI.
Follow Steps : How to call SIRI :
—- Just long press your Power button >> and Long press your Volume UP button simultaneously.

3) How to more improve your Face-ID security :

Actually, this setting is very helpful for you. Suppose someone take your iPhone X and he/she try to unlock your iPhone when you are sleeping. FACE-ID needs your face only, system don’t know are you sleep or not. When the system recognizes your FACE, System is unlocked your phone.
BUT if you do these settings, which are given below. Don’t worry when you sleep because after done these settings: SYSTEM REQUIRED YOUR ATTENTION FIRST FOR UNLOCKING THE IPHONE.
For example: Suppose you are sleeping your friend take your iPhone and try to unlock the phone though FACE-ID but the system cannot open your iPhone because you do not give attention to your iPhone 10.
How to do this setting :
Go to setting >> Tap on General >> Accessibility >> Enable the two Option >>
1) Require Attention For Face-ID.
2) Attention Aware Features.

4) How to Taking Screenshot :

Easy to taking screenshot in this device, Now you have no need long press the buttons for screenshot.
How to take :
— Just Press your smartphone Volume Up button >> and Press Volume Down button simultaneously. It’s capture instant screenshot and edit with different different filters and pens and instant share it with your friends.

5) Half Iphone X works in Lockscreen, Amazing Tips and Tricks, Try it

  • Suppose your Iphone X is locked, if you want wake up the screen you don’t need to press the power button.
    Just Tap your Lockscreen your iphone will be wake up.
  • If you want see your notifications without unlock the iphone :
    Just Tap you screen for wake up >> Swipe DOWN to UP >> System show you the important notifications.
  • If you Want to manage your iphone brightness, Switch off Data, off the Music or do more things : without unlocking the device.
    Swipe Down from right side of the iphone 10 screen >> Manage your system.

  • New way to access Lock screen Shortcuts :
    1) If you want to open the instant cameras :
    Wake up your iphone screen >> Swipe Right to Left on Lockscreen for Open the cameras.

    2) If you want to open the instant Flash :
    Wake up your iphone screen >> Swipe Left to Right on Lockscreen for ON the instant cameras.

    6) How to Play full screen video in Iphone 10 :

    When you play any video in new iphone, It’s play on 4.3 screen to body, If you want to play video on full screen ratio : 18.5:9. You just ZOOM you video.

    7) How to Customize iphone 10 full control panel :

    Now you can set up your control panel according to your needs :
    How to customize it :
    Go to Settings >> Tap on control center >> Tap on customize control >> That will be show you the all options >> Change all option according to your needs .

    8) How to use Screen recording in Iphone X :

    Go to Settings >> Tap on control center >> Tap on customize control >> Add the Screen recording option in control panel >> After adding the screen recording option >> Open your control panel >> Tap on screen recording >> Press on start button >> System start recording all actions.

    9) How to Disable Lockscreen: Notification panel, Control Panel, iMessages, SIRI and disable more other things:

    iPhone 10 is very user-friendly because someone accesses your half phone, When your device is locked. Don’t worry we will show you how to increase your privacy :
    How to Disable Lockscreen user control :
    Go to settings >> Tap on Face-ID and Passcode >> Enter the Set up PIN >> Scroll Down you will be seen the option : ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED >> List of option below >> By default these option are enabled >> Disable the all Options.
    After doing this setting your iPhone control panel works when your phone unlocked.

    10) How to Switch off the Iphone X with buttons :

    —- Just long press your Power button >> and Long press your Volume DOWN button simultaneously.