The colocation industry is poised to grow to a 90 billion dollar market by 2024. How well is positioned is your advisory company to claim a big piece of that?

The industry is about to experience aggressive growth at breakneck speed, as companies invest more into hybrid and off-site data solutions, with more of a demand on the problem-solvers who can design these right solutions for them.

How do you ensure your company is there to meet this demand? By focusing on these 3 areas.

Join an Advisory Network

Your give your brand and your advisors access to a new channel for qualified leads and software to showcase your expertise. Joining an advisory network such as the one offered by Upstack can really help you showcase your colocation advisory expertise in a way that will help you fill your sales funnel.

You will be exposed to more leads, while you will also be able to use the Upstack tools to showcase your project experience, skills, and to position your team as genuine thought-leaders. These tools will also help you generate competitive bids and immediately level-set them on behalf of clients.


Shortlist and Eliminate Superfluous Tasks

Take a frank look at how much time you and your team spend on non-income-generating tasks that often fall outside your wheelhouse, so to speak.

Your team makes money buy designing and selling colocation solutions for businesses who need them. Anything that takes you away from doing what should be considered a waste of your resources, during a time where you need to seize every opportunity possible.

Consider offloading or outsourcing tasks such as your HR or administration to give your team the opportunity to laser focus on what actually moves the needle forward for your business.

Grow Your Brand’s Online Footprint

What do your companies see when they Google your company?

Do they see press releases announcing you’re presenting at an industry trade show? Are you team members blogging? Are they being quoted in other people’s blogs? Have you ever released a survey, report or whitepaper that has been cited all over the web? Any of those proves that you’re a thought-leader in colocation before you even meet a client face-to-face.

It’s extremely difficult to sell yourself as a thought-leader when you don’t have the web footprint to back it up. This is an area where consultants, as a whole, often struggle and one of the reasons that 9/10 consulting business never scale. That’s because guest blogging opportunities and speaking engagements don’t simply fall in your lap… at least in the early years. Finding these opportunities and closing them takes a lot of work, and skills that likely fall outside of your own. This is another area you can outsource, as you hire a PR or marketing agency to build your profile and add some impressive hits that prospective clients will see when they Google you and your company name. Because they will!

The growth of the colocation industry is going to be absolutely massive. Where will your company be in 2024? Will you have seized the opportunity that the staggering market growth presented to you, with a bigger client than you thought possible? Or will you be essentially where you are right now, as your competitors snapped up most of new clients.

Where your company is positioned tomorrow will depend on what you do today.