How to Convert Feet to Centimeters Very Quickly and Accurately

How to Convert Feet to Centimeters

Measuring the distances is as old as human beings are. We always have a need to understand how long our road will be or what is the length of a particular object.

One of the first metrical units that appeared was a foot. It is logical but different people had different understandings of its length. Nowadays only a few countries utilize feet as a standard unit.

Thus, a task may arise to convert ft to cm. Let’s see how to solve it quickly and without mistakes.

Reasons to Convert Feet to Centimeters

How to Convert Feet to Centimeters Very Quickly and Accurately


As a length unit, the foot was very common from the most ancient times. Of course, people of the same areas have almost the same feet and could easily agree on distances or discuss them using this unit. It was easy to measure and understand and no other units were required.

However, the more communication appeared between countries and continents, the more pronounced became the need to standardize this unit and create something more accurate and specific.


Therefore, the modern International System of Units utilizes meter and some of its larger and smaller derivatives. Thus, there is one hundred centimeters in one meter and it is easy to understand and convert if needed.

Still, some countries utilize feet, for instance, the US, and there may be a need to find out how much 6 feet in cm or 5 feet in cm or some other value.

The task may be commercial or educational and there are some basic formulas for such a calculation. However, it is challenging to keep them always in mind and it is quite common to make a mistake due to haste or lack of experience.

Therefore, let’s discover the modern way for a conversion of 5 ft in cm that is called an online converter.

Convert Feet to CM Easily

How to Convert Feet to Centimeters Very Quickly and Accurately

Those who do not have enough time or do not want to spend it on long calculations will definitely benefit from online converters. Different such services exist and provide a simple way for any calculation, for example:

  1. The user can easily find such a resource and a dedicated page, for instance, for length conversions.
  2. There, he will have to choose the initial and resulting values and enter the starting value.
  3. Only one click on the conversion button is required to get an instant accurate result.

Then, the user can enter different values, change units and perform numerous calculation tasks. As all this can be done from a laptop or a mobile phone, it is comfortable to cope and save the results or share them with colleagues or classmates.

 An online converter utilizes algorithms based on the same formula that we use for manual calculations. The major difference from the latter is the swiftness and absence of mistakes. Therefore, one can always be sure of the obtained results or check those obtained manually.

Furthermore, such services as provide free unlimited conversions without a need to register or share any personal information.

That is more than beneficial and user-friendly.

A conversion from ft to cm was never easier and more enjoyable. Do not hesitate to try it in case you need swift and accurate results and benefit from an online converter that was developed to make our lives easier.