How To Choose A Perfect Bottle Of Luscious And Expensive Wine

Wines come in many varieties. They are finely crafted by winemakers to make sure that it meets the needs of all consumers with regards to the kind of wine they want. Some wines undergo an extended aging process to make sure that it exudes an authentic taste. Wines never go out of style as they can serve different purposes all year long.

Some wine also comes at lower prices and some are expensive. Most people stereotype costly wines as a better classification and tastier wine. It is true especially for those wines which were crafted many years ago. These are called vintage wines, which made a significant impact on all wine tasters like royal and elite families. Expensive wines may come to costly. But rest assured they offer an exquisite taste that you can’t get from any other brands.

Finding yourself in a fine wine merchant looking for a bottle of expensive wine deems a not so easy task. You will face a lot of pricey labels that come in different types, classification, usage, and purposes. Most of these wines are Dom Perignon, Haut Brion, Sassicaia, and Petrus wines which are also known as the Most Expensive Wine in all of Bordeaux. In general, it is confusing to select a bottle of expensive wine to taste the best bottle. Here are some helpful guides you can consider how to pick a costly wine bottle.

Never Get Afraid Of Asking

Buying an expensive wine in a fine wine store may entail a lot of jobs to do. You may have that little knowledge about wines, but still, you are confused which expensive wine tastes excellent. You have to understand that all of these wines are produced accordingly to their usage. The origin of the wine affects most of its expensive price tag.

The best thing you can do to make your buying easier is to ask questions. There are store clerks and staff around the winery store. They are fully equipped with extensive knowledge regarding the wine labels they are selling. You ask some pertinent questions regarding the expensive wine bottle you want to buy. Rest assured they can answer your questions, and this is the best way to narrow down your choices.

Hold Some At-Home Wine Tastings

Wine tasting is another alternative way of picking the best expensive wine label. You will have the ability to identify and assess the overall quality of the wine before you buy it. You can assure that you get the best value of your money once you purchase the wine with the highest price tag. You can do a wine tasting at the comfort of your home and invite your friends so they can also participate. It will help your wine choices perfect in the long run.

Always Consider Food Pairing Activities

Food pairing is one of the reasons why wine is created. Wine primarily are used to commemorate a significant event so as with pairing different kinds of dishes. The primary purpose of considering your meals with regards to the wine label you are picking is complementing the flavors. It is to make sure that these expensive wines can blend with the taste of the food to satisfy your palate ultimately.

Here are some standard expensive wine labels you may choose and the type of dishes they can perfectly pair.

Sauvignon Blanc – Sauvignon Blanc wines can pair best with foods such as salmon, halibut, sushi, fish, or chicken. It may also suit vegan foods. Make sure to ask the store attendant before you pick a Sauvignon Blanc wine to get the best value out of the money you are going to spend.

Chardonnay – it is best paired with foods such as pasta. The pasta may come in the creamiest flavor accompanied by clams or mussels. It may also best served with caesar salad.

Chenin Blanc – you can pair this expensive wine label with foods that are prepared lighter. A simple chicken or pork dish is perfect for this.

Wine Label Determines The Taste

Take note that each expensive wine comes from different winery region. Each vineyard has its real style of making a perfect bottle of fine wine. The body type, texture, and taste of the wine are determined by the label it has. Make sure that you carefully read each name and familiarize the best wine-producing regions.

In this way, you can assure that you are picking the right expensive bottle of wine. You also have the capability of serving the best flavor, you your guests, friends, and family members.
Older Wines Doesn’t Always Taste Better
Most wine lovers would say that older wines taste better. It is a common myth that most of us believe. Expensive wines don’t mean they are aged longer and older. The taste of the wine depends on the process taken by the producing region. There are costly wines that undergo aging for a short period, yet they display a perfect aroma. You only need to equip yourself with the proper knowledge in making your expensive wine choices.

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