Located in the northeast of the US, New Jersey is a state known for its large population, gambling, and historical culture. But did you know The Garden State also boasts a booming tech industry?

That’s right! It’s time for Silicon Valley to move aside. Big tech has come to NJ, and this industry is only set to grow. The developers here strive to innovate and impress, from AI development to entertaining online casinos.

If you’re looking for a new career, or perhaps you’re interested in how tech has grown here, keep reading. We’re investigating the tech boom in New Jersey and the reasons that this unique industry has blossomed here.

About the New Jersey Tech Industry

New Jersey has experienced an influx of tech-based companies and rapid growth in tech centers over the last few years.

With dominant brands such as Verizon and Audible, there’s no surprise that startups are also popping up around the area. Also, Jersey City boasts the highest number of female-led startups worldwide. The East Coast is the place to be right now for techies.

Thanks to great public schools, universities and connections to a diverse range of cities, there’s no wonder New Jersey is becoming a hub for tech companies.

Why has This Industry Boomed?

Let’s delve into the unique reasons for this tech boom. There are many factors that have helped The Garden State grow its tech industry and led to professionals moving to this exciting hub.

Accessible Location

New Jersey is a well-connected state with a dense population. Unlike other US states, you can travel to New York City very quickly from here, and you can also reach Boston within hours. NJ’s main airport, Newark Liberty International, provides flight access to over 260 international locations and over 340 domestic airports.

Business can’t always be completed over Zoom, so NJ is an ideal location for business travel. For an industry to boom, a connected location is paramount to success.

Big Names

Whenever an industry starts to thrive, it’s likely because big-name brands are already established in the area. New Jersey is home to Verizon, Panasonic, Audible, Samsung and more. Smaller startups tend to gravitate around more prominent brands, drawing more interest from potential employees and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Keep your eyes on the area; you’ll likely see more top tech companies establishing headquarters in this area too. Making it the perfect location for those looking to join the tech boom.

Talented Graduates

Another reason for New Jersey’s tech industry’s success is that the state is a hotspot for tech talent. New Jersey boasts award-winning public schooling, plus popular colleges, including the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

These high-quality educational institutions produce talented experts, leading companies to gravitate towards the state. If you’re planning on studying a tech-based subject or becoming a developer, consider embracing The Garden State life.

Online casinos

One of the key reasons New Jersey has experienced growth within the tech sector is due to the booming online casino scene. In 2013, New Jersey started offering legal gambling, paving the way for other US states and setting the standards for the best online casinos in NJ. With innovative games, secure payments, and unbeatable bonuses, casino companies are a force to be reckoned with.

New Jersey is still the center of the US online casino industry, and this won’t change any time soon. Online gaming is a popular form of entertainment and competition is abundant. Tech employees here are always busy, and companies are always scouting new talent to help them produce new online casino content.

Wi-Fi Accessibility

Finally, internet access and Wi-Fi availability are the last keys to the tech boom. Newark has one of the fastest fiber-optic networks worldwide, ensuring all companies are constantly connected.

Not only that, but New Jersey also offers an outdoor Wi-Fi network that provides 400 megabits per second. This is one of the largest public Wi-Fi systems in the country, providing residents with internet access wherever they go. This state is committed to tech accessibility for all.

The Bottom Line

The NJ tech industry is one to watch. While this state is already enjoying fast growth and international recognition, it’s set to grow exponentially within the next few years. From popular online casinos to a pipeline of talented graduates, this is the place to be if you want to thrive.