How does Coveo for Sitecore revolutionize the UX?

Sitecore is always ready to provide an intuitive interface for all users. However, even the best of the best Sitecore sites have the chance to offer something extra to their visitors. That is when Coveo comes to play. Coveo for commerce provides all users with relevant and personalized experience. It adds an AI-powered website search solution for one of the most popular CMS platforms in the e-commerce world. It is fully compatible with the latest Sitecore versions, and it adds an extra charm that appeals to all buyers across the globe.

What is the importance of Coveo for Sitecore?

The modern consumer does not have the time or patience to search through an entire website for the products he or she needs. The potential customer is more likely to use a site-wide search option to find the desired product within a fraction of a second. Coveo can make that happen via a personalized buying experience and contextual product recommendations for each potential customer. The presence of the unique Coveo Machine Learning makes the feature easy-to-adopt at a larger or smaller scale readily.

It integrates seamlessly with all versions of Sitecore. It aims to increase the impact of a Sitecore experience for every visitor and potential customer. Marketers can use the new Command Center to index new content and use the Sitecore Rules engine to fine-tune the content’s relevance. The fine-tuning might require the help of Sitecore and Coveo development and support team. New developers and those, who are unaware of the Sitecore best practices, might face significant trouble determining the correct configurations and settings while exploring the Search API.

What is Coveo Machine Learning?

The Coveo Machine Learning algorithm suggests content for the website users by learning directly from the user’s behavior. It helps in the analysis of the visitor’s search and navigation to generate actionable data. In fact, experts claim that Coveo “understands” which content and results might lead to higher chances of success (conversion) for each visitor. Coveo can adjust future searches automatically to facilitate the presentation of the most relevant results to all users.

Coveo machine learning

How does Coveo utilize every customer interaction?

Today, every potential customer uses tens of different channels and platforms to share behavioral information. They usually utilize several social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share their opinions, likes, and dislikes. They even share their reviews and testimonials on seller websites and third-party review sites. Coveo gives the website owners to unify such buyer information via an omnichannel experience. Unified relevance is instrumental in improving user experience through informed decision making. Apart from the usual site search experience for mobile and desktop users, Coveo can provide voice search users a new comfort and accuracy that only a few high-end websites offer. Coveo makes every interaction between your customer and your website count.

Coveo Search promises to improve your UX

The search API allows users to create and update multiple search authentication providers and Coveo Cloud query pipelines. It is a unique feature of the Coveo for Sitecore that lets the user perform queries on the website index. The Search API powers all pages that the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework supports. All search integrations rely on the Coveo JS Search Framework and not the Search API. It is a salient feature of the Coveo search that makes it snappy and quite easy to use. In the case of any trouble, while using the Coveo JS Search Framework, you should speak with your Sitecore and Coveo developer team immediately.

What are some advanced analytics options Coveo for Sitecore offers?

At the same time, Coveo empowers all website admins with real-time usage analytics. It is a treasure trove for all website owners and Coveo users. It can help you go through your customer behavior, their purchasing habits, site navigation pathways, and their evolving needs. That will allow you to build intuitive product information for your site. With a clear idea of your shopper’s behavior, it will become easier than before to create accurate buyer personas. Coveo allows each e-commerce website to offer highly personalizable buying and browsing experience for each visitor. It smoothens the sales funnel and catalyzes the conversion with each visitor-website interaction.

How is building a new website easy with Coveo?

One of the most exceptional features of Coveo for Sitecore is its flexible deployment with the Hive UI Framework. It simplifies the customization and deployment process of all existing and new Sitecore websites. The administrator or developer can move the components around to add, remove or create new pages using the new Sitecore Experience Editor. The Coveo for Sitecore Hive Framework is the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework in its entirety, and the combination allows all Sitecore users to utilize the Sitecore Experience Editor, Sitecore conditional personalization and Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA). Apart from easy website integration, the new feature provides all developers with modularity. The update has split each webpage into small components, and each one represents a Coveo for Sitecore Hive component with a particular purpose.

Coveo Website builder

How does it keep websites fast and user-friendly?

It allows the Sitecore website owners to leverage data sources that decouple the component settings from the component. The Rendering Parameter that defined each Sitecore element is obsolete, and so are the numerous problems that it created. Now, it allows users to merge field values. It enables users to leverage local and shared data sources. The HTML caching is a unique and vital feature of all Sitecore versions. It keeps old websites snappy, and it makes the management of new sites easy for the admins. Coveo Hive components include HTML caching features that ensure the dependence of the HTML only on the Data Source Parameter values.

How does Coveo win brownie points in UX?

Coveo promises an entirely safe and secure journey for the users. The secure indexing architecture and repository of connectors allows the users to leverage the Coveo search solutions safely. All Coveo apps enjoy the same levels of security thanks to the Single-Sign-On for all users. Only designated super-users have access to personal content and business content, thereby significantly improving the target consumer’s user experience. Coveo security is not debatable, but you might need an added helping hand to provide continuous safety to all your target website visitors. So, visit your nearby Sitecore Coveo developer and support team soon!

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