Is Softonic a safe download platform?

The Internet has become one of the most widely used resources by the majority of people around the world.

The digital revolution was marked by it and it is still today the most powerful and extensive tool for communication, dissemination, information, entertainment, work, etc. to date.

Whether it is for work or because in everyday life we use social networks, information search engines, entertainment sources and, in the end, any day-to-day life of people, all we need is an internet connection to access it.


But what about security?

\Despite being an immense catalog of possibilities to which millions of people have access, for this and many other reasons, the Internet is not always a safe place and measures must be taken, such as choosing recommended web platforms that are safe for users.

Therefore, download platforms are very popular and growing every day because the demand is high, but it is also true that not all of them are reliable and could infect your electronic device, whether it is a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. A perfect example of a safe and legal download platform is Softonic.

This web platform is known by many users after years of presence on the Internet and stands out for its popularity and worldwide reach.



Softonic is safe for users for different reasons and thanks to different resources that it uses to maintain its reputation and improve in the future.

One of its main tools against downloads that may contain malware or viruses is the more than 50+ antivirus that are automatically activated every time a download link is inserted into the platform’s catalogue.

These antiviruses are constantly looking for irregularities that could be infectious to operating systems and that could have serious consequences for users. As has been made clear above, security is paramount on the Internet.




Millions of downloads are made daily on Softonic, so any security measure is a good thing.

Apart from the automatic antivirus system, there is also external and human work by the team of professionals who have founded this download platform and who continue to work to provide the best for users.

In addition, it should be noted that if there is a download link that contains malware or viruses, the platform will detect it and block it, informing the internet user.

Three situations can occur: The aforementioned, a total blocking of the download because it is dangerous to download; another in which the download is clean and, therefore, will continue; and, finally, the notification that will inform the user about the possibility of malicious content detected, although it will not block the link.

In short, it is also important to clarify that Softonic is a very intuitive and easy-to-use download platform; no prior instructions or user guides are necessary. In just a few clicks you can download everything from software to games, apps, etc. Always within the framework of legality and security as main maxims. Do not hesitate to put in contact with Softonic’s professional team if you have doubts or questions about how to download content.