In the digital age, with the field of artificial intelligence being as advanced as it is, it’s a wonder that humans still have to work at all. Manufacturing, media, retail, travel (just to name a few) have been turned completely upside-down by the implementation of digital, AI-assisted technology.

To most people, it would seem that these developments affect traditional businesses. The truth is, however, that computer-generated AI is seeping into the creative fields as well to assist in the creation of art and, in some cases, they actually make completely original art.

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In a recent book, the popular non-fiction writer Yuval Harari described a computer that composed original music having processed a large library of classical music in the vein of JS Bach. When the music was performed at a concert, the audience couldn’t distinguish between the Bach and the Bot! Whether this says more about contemporary audiences or the prowess of AI is up for debate.

In visual fields, AI can create images as well, though most art collectors would prefer a work created by a human. In a sense, the age of mechanical reproduction has become the age of mechanical production.

For design firms who are under a tremendous amount of pressure to create a unique digital ad campaign for a new product, an event or anything else, an AI will certainly not be adequate – the required nuance and ability to integrate client requests necessitates breathing, thinking humans. If you’re a business in search of a discerning design firm with lots of experience and a strong collaborative spirit, contact Cosmic Design to learn more about their process.

In the digital marketing process, while AI hasn’t taken over yet, it has certainly provided a number of tools to improve and accelerate the development process for a greater return on investment.

A Few Examples:

Adobe/ Sensei

Adobe Photoshop – pretty well the industry-standard – offers a program called Sensei that understands object emphasis, the rule of thirds, color harmony and depth of field. While some purists may argue that this amounts to a sophisticated series of cheap tricks no different than Instagram filters and selfie auto effects, a truly talented artist will surely be able to speed up their process with these tools and create a better overall product. The tools can’t make an image brilliant – but they can help.

Graphic Design And The AI Revolution

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is a program that can – surprise, surprise – enhance the quality of an image by deploying neural networks. The program’s image bank is so comprehensive that it can actually add more detail to a given object by recognizing it and then filling in the gap. This means that sending huge files back and forth and agonizing over the quality (in the case that it will be printed or displayed on a huge scale) should no longer be necessary.


This tool, which also uses neural networks, allows you to apply a plethora of aesthetic styles to a photograph or video, which can then be further edited and sculpted for your purposes!

Whether you’re a young, aspiring freelancer, or an experienced, award-winning design firm, AI software can help you deliver the best possible product!