Googlebot dumping from iPhone to Nexus 5X(Android)



Googlebot dumping from iPhone to Nexus 5X(Android)

Googlebot dumping from iPhone to Nexus 5X(Android)

Google search engine Googlebot is dumping from iPhone to Android OS devices. Googlebot identify every site concerned to open web and it grabs a lot of information as it can. Googlebot identifies itself as certain types or classes of device. The job of Google bot is to scan the whole internet like to add new website, to update webpages to google index etc.

There is an alogrithm used to scan the entire process and that is used to produce the ranking of various sites blogs. When doing this, Googlebot will pretend to be different devices in order to test the performance of individual sites on smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Right now, Googlebot tests mobile websites by pretending to be an iPhone running iOS.

According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, the switch will let Googlebot better understand web pages that use newer web technologies like HTML5. Google uses Nexus 5X because Nexus has a screen that 5.2in and is Google’s second smartphone with a screen around 5in on the diagonal. Google is updating their smartphone user-agent on April 18, 2016.

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