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Google Assistant hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features:

Google Assistant is a One of the powerful tool in our smartphone. Most of the people don’t know what-what things Google Assitant can do. Personal Voice assistant is very fast, effective and works poperl0y. Today I will show you all Full functionality, hidden features and Tips, and Tricks of Google Assistant.


1) Unique way to Unlock Your Smartphone:

Most of the persons unlock over smartphone with Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern, Password, Iris and Face Look but all these are the very common way to unlocking the smartphone. But with Google Assistant you will unlock smartphone with “VOICE”.Don’t worry your smartphone is Unlocked only with your VOICE, not with others.
How to Enable it: STEP 1: Go to setting >> Lock and security >> Enable the Smart Lock >> After done these settings >> You just Say “OKAY GOOGLE” your will be Unlocked.
How to Enable it: STEP 2: Say “Ok Google” >> On the top right side >> Three Dot’s icon >> CLICK on it >> Enable the TRUSTED VOICE option.

2) Google Remembers:

Most of times peoples are forgetting our important works, Activities and more other this for examples:
– Sometimes we have put our car keys in our bag and we forget it.
– Sometimes we forget our ID proofs where I was put them?

Google Assitant is always remembered these things, You Just “OK Google” and Say “Remember that the car keys are in my Bag”
When You asked the Google Assistant where is my Car Keys, It remembers you, your car keys in your bag. You Will set anything.

Google Pixel Buds: It’s also Working on Google Assistant Command [CLICK HERE FOR READ ABOUT IT]


3) Google Assistant: Show to all SMS messages or Read Unread SMS :

No Need to touch your smartphone, You just say “OK GOOGLE”, Show me unread SMS messages and you will also be said that read this SMS Messages, Google Assistant start reading your selected SMS messages OR if you want to reply the SMS messages, you just say “REPLY” and Google assistant start listening to your voice and write the SMS messages and send it to the sender.


4) Google Assistant: Show you your emails:

Instruction: Assistant only show that email which is connected to your Google Assistant settings. For Check out the emails no need to touch your phone, you Just say “OK GOOGLE” says assistant show me my email with using Gmail app.
Assistant show you, your emails.

5) How to setting up Google Assistant, According to you:

How to Set up: Say “OK Google” on the top right side >> CLICK On Three Dots icon >> CLICK on the settings >> Tapping on My Day >> Set it up , according to your needs.


6) Taking a selfie, Without pressing any button:

You just “OK GOOGLE” and tell to Assistant taking the selfie. Your Camera is automatically opened and Before taking Google Assistant start Seconds Timer and Don’t forget the Smile 🙂

7) Google Assistant Some Unique Features List:

– Say Assistant to Post this Pictures, Lines or Location on facebook wall.
– Say, Assistant, today is my Birthday : Assistant find out all your Name Birthday Pictures.
Say Assistant to Translate from Any language to any language.


8) Google Assistant Control on everything:

Say “Ok Google” Set up screen brightness on 50%, Assistant automatically adjust it.
Say “Ok Google” Turn On/Off the WIFI.
Say “Ok Google” Turn On/Off the Bluetooth.
Say “Ok Google” Turn On/Off the Location.
Say “Ok Google” Turn On/Off the Flash.
Say “Ok Google” Turn On/Off the Mobile Hotspot.
Google Assistant have Control on the all toogles Options.

9) Set Up Google Map Navigations :

Very easy to set up the Google Map Navigation, Just say “OK GOOGLE” set up the Map from destination (Location), system automatically set the Map. Show you the direction.
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