Fox Rent a Car Review: Is it Safe and Reliable to Rent a Car at Fox Car Rentals?

Fox Rent a Car Review: If you’re looking for a low-cost travel option then chances are you’ll find Fox Rent A Car pop in the top list of possible options to make your next booking. This is what you should be aware of about the company before your next car rental.

Basic Facts About Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent a Car is an U.S.-based business that was acquired by French-owned Europcar Mobility Group fully acquired in the year 2019.

Three business partners started the business in 1989 and established a branch near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

It has offices at Los Angeles and Tulsa and employs over 1,000 workers.

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Presently, Fox operates 21 corporate rental car locations across the U.S, with locations across Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah and Washington.

Fox is also known for its extensive international presence via affiliate partners across a variety of nations and regions. These include Canada, Mexico and Australia and the countries that comprise Central America, South America as well as the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.

Fox currently operates an inventory of more than 20,000 vehicles. They have vehicles ranging from compact economical cars, up to the SUVs and Jeeps.

Reviews of Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent A Car

Reviews from customers of Fox Rent a Car depend upon the particular location and are different based on ratings platforms.

In this case, Fox Rent a Car boasts the “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but has only an average of 1.02 out of 5 ratings on its website, that is based upon more than 200 customer reviews.

The company that rents cars has resolved 765 complaints over the last five years including several complaints regarding unexpected expenses.

In addition, Fox has a “great” rating of 3.8 stars on Trustpilot which is based on 16,281 customer reviews. In those reviews the majority are “excellent” and just 11 percent of them were “bad.”

The company also received a high rating on the part of Consumer Affairs which has 3.7 stars on the basis of 1,334 reviews.

Some establishments had higher ratings in comparison to others upon Google reviews.


In this case, for instance, a Fox facility located in Fort Lauderdale has 2.4 out of 5 stars on its site, with complaints focused on billing problems as well as car hygiene and unanticipated fees.

Fox seems to be responding to negative feedback about the company’s brand on different media platforms.

Is Fox Rent A Car a Good Choice?

A company that is focused on travelers who are budget conscious, Fox may not offer the same level of service that more corporate brands such as National and Avis.

Yet, you might be able to have a great experience, if what you’re searching for is an automobile at affordable prices without a lot of bells and bells.

Fox has been the subject of several number of complaints to BBB in the last few time and also has a few negative reviews, however Fox has a high rating on Trustpilot and appears to be reacting to customer complaints.

According to the AutoSlash ultimate Rental Car Ratings, we rate Fox 3.5 out of five stars.

We view it as an “Tier 3” company, an industry that is typically characterized by small-sized brands that provide majority trustworthy service.


Book Online

Fox Rent A Car

The Procedure for Booking is Simple: Enter all of the pertinent details and look through a range of vehicles available on your trip. After playing using the system and trying various combinations, I discovered several points:

  • In general, you can get a lower price when you hire the vehicle over the course of a week. should you be in need of a car for 6 days, compare the cost for the week and see what the best deal is.
  • It’s about 30 minutes of allowance (online) before being to pay for the whole day. In the example above, suppose you take the car to pick it up in the morning, you will be charged at 8.
  • Prices fluctuate rapidly and with no warning, so before you decide to book check out the price cost is

The Journey to the Rental Car

Fox Rent a Car has rental vehicles in major cities throughout the US It is worth investigating exactly where their headquarters is situated to avoid confusion.

There is a possibility that you can stroll to the office from your terminal, or you can take the shuttle bus, depending on which airport you are visiting.

My first rental was a bit far near the airport (Salt Lake) and I don’t know whether it was due to an issue with communication or not however I was waiting for almost an hour for the shuttle and several other passengers that were not happy.

If I go back, I’ll take the five-dollar Uber.

An additional airport (Phoenix) included all the cars for rental all in one location and the shuttle was punctual, which I had to wait just a couple of minutes, and I strongly suggest that you investigate the airport you’re planning to fly into and see how much difficult it’ll be getting there.

Getting the Car

I’ve read a few horrifying stories of people being unable to access the vehicle they’d reserved.

That is the only fact which made me nervous. I made my reservation online, however I did not pay for the chance that the car was not available or did not have the car I was looking for.

I went with a simple vehicle and for one occasion, received the Kia Soul that was in decent condition but was covered in a lot of scratches all over the vehicle, and in the second case, I got a nearly new Hyundai which had fewer than five thousand miles, and it was in great state.

Each time, the wait wasn’t excessively long after I got to the car rental location, but it’s not just based the number of people are on the other side on you.

It also depends also how irritating the other people are and how unprofessional the people at the desk are. Each time I was having trouble finding the vehicles, but was able to get one, and a clean one and a clean one at that!

Likely Frauds

Fox Rent a Car is excellent at deceiving customers (most businesses are however, therefore no additional judgement).

In both my rental experiences The front desk staff attempted to con me.

The first time, she informed me that I wasn’t required to make a decision at that point whether I would like to pay to fill up the tank and I was able to return with an empty tank or pay the $1.79 per gallon at the time I picked it up when I wanted to take the tank to the office empty.

As I’ve had no rental experience I was unaware that this is an untruth. It is mandatory to bring the vehicle back in its entirety if you didn’t pay in advance, regardless of what they tell you.

If you return it in a lower amount than it is, they’ll be charged up to $11 per gallon for an “convenience” fee.

It was a good thing that I was friendly to the person I handed the vehicle back after leaving it and took care to make sure that the car was in good condition, which is why I’m guessing he let it slip and I didn’t get penalized for more than 70 dollars.

Another scam involves gasoline, during my second rental, I made the decision to take the plunge and pay in advance because gas was less expensive than the street,

and I was concerned about not being disqualified if I did not have enough time to refill it my self prior to leaving it at.

What he was not able to explain was that, even although you’re paying a cheaper cost, you’ll have to pay an additional cost to fill the car up for you.

This means that you’re not saving money and really pay an extra cost for gasoline. This is something I’ll learn later on, but because I’m still new to renting a car I had no idea.

A scam I was aware of but did not have experience with is the claim that you damaged your car it wasn’t. I stayed away from this by diligently looking over the exterior (and the next time inside) to see if there are any issues and note them down on the form when you hand in your vehicle.

One tip I Picked Up from an Online Source: Take photographs of the vehicle before you agree to it and email these pictures to yourself. If you have an argument it is possible that you can show what the vehicle appeared like at the time that you got it.


The overall value will depend on your own experience. There weren’t too many problems, and for the price I think the experience was quite impressive particularly considering I received an air-conditioned car. AC.

The agents at the desk will attempt to make you nickel and nickel you each period (ha ha) It’s the way they get their commissions.

My advice is that if you’re looking to upgrade your system, make it behind the counter in order in order to help the worker (but only when they’re pleasant).

If you’re searching for the best service with minimal hassle and an expensive car the Fox Rental is not the right choice for the job for you!

However, if you’re searching to get a great bargain and do not mind jumping through a few hurdles and you’ll be able to get ahead.

Is Fox Car Rental Part of Enterprise?

Fox Rent A Car

It’s not true, Fox Rent-A-Car isn’t part of Enterprise Holdings.

Europcar Mobility Group acquired full control of Fox in the year 2019.

Is Fox Car Rental Reliable? 

Fox Rent-A-Car isn’t one of the biggest eight rental car companies JD Power included in its annual survey on customer satisfaction.

However, Fox is a reliable small car rental company that has performed better than anticipated, with the most popular review sites grading its overall performance over other reputable companies in the industry.

Fox Car Rental Problems & Complaints:

 1. High Charges for Toll Pass Coverage

The rep at the counter led uninitiated customers to believe using the electronic toll card is useful if a renter is driving in a region which requires one.

In spite of the fact that they didn’t pass through any toll station, the cost shown on the bill was many times more than what was that which was displayed on the counter.

Concerns over outrageous fees for tolls are frequent, as they are often accompanied with hidden fees, and rental companies’ exorbitant administrative costs are primary culprits.


2. Renter Declined But Still Charged for Insurance

A false claim of an additional service you never selected is easy if you have had a rental agreement that was hardcopy.

But the Fox customer signed a consent electronically and was unaware of the specifics.

Although they had declined the Fox insurance policy, the client received an invoice containing the insurance, and the dispute grew to dispute.

3. De-Smoking Charge Turned Cleaning Fee

A renter decided to get the car cleaned and vacuumed prior to returning the vehicle so that they could avoid the famous cleaning charge.

The representative from the rental stated that the vehicle smelled of smoke and it was expected that the business would have to charge $250 in de-smoking fees and the driver didn’t smoke and the car smelled like fresh.

The rep’s explanation later changed to an inability to rent again since the scent doesn’t match.

In the end, the additional cost on the bill was due to cleaning costs and maintenance, which the landlord disputed.

4. Paid, But the Company Won’t Hold the Car

Customers are entitled change or cancel reservation, with conditions and cancellation charges if they are applicable.

It appears that the consumer who complained to Consumer Affairs couldn’t edit or make changes to his reservation since the consumer can only take the car beyond the pickup time.

The rental firm did not provide a reimbursement after a few days.

This case appears to be one of those cases that is an exception. However, it’s still a fraud method that damages the business’ image and affects the trust of customers.

 5. Extra Gas Charges

Car rental typically provide choices to:

  • Fuel the vehicle in the same way after returning the vehicle or
  • Prepay. That means that you won’t be the cost of whatever gas is left at the end of your rental.

A few customers reported receiving gasoline fees on their bill, even though they had paid in advance on the fuel tank.

A third client was warned by a counter agent not to refill the car when returning because it was more cost-effective to the company to refill the tank, however they were cost a hefty cost per gallon.

Other complaints involving gas include Fox charging fuel when the client returned the vehicle filled with tank.


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