Facebook Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features of 2017

Facebook Hidden Feature, Tips and Tricks of 2017,How to Track Facebook Profile Visitor, How to Download facebook videos,How to Delete your Facebook Account Permantely – Short Description about Topic

Facebook Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features of 2017

facebook is one of the popular social media in this world. Everyday and everyhours facebook will be update in 2017. Facebook has too many hidden features and tricks, Today we are sharing you the best tricks and Tips and hidden features of Facebook. Lets Disscussion in detail and How to enable that features.

How to Instant PlaY Games on Facebook

Facebook developer has create an amazing mini-games for play games with friends in chat. Best Games in facebook is Soccer, Basketball and Chess.
How to Start play games with friends :

  • How to Play Scoccer with your friend : Open a Chat with anyone >> Tap on the Emoji Icon >> Select the Football enoji and send it >> Then, tap on the football enoji that you sent >> Enjoy your game.
  • How to Play BasketBall Games with your friend : Open a chat with anyone >> Tap on the Emoji Icon >> Select the Football enoji and send it >> Then, tap on the football enoji that you sent >> Enjoy your game.
  • How to Play Chess Games with your friend : Open a chat with anyone >> Tap on the Emoji Icon >> Send the Message @fbchess to your friend >> Enjoy your game.

    How to Delete All Message in Single Click

    Its hard to delete facebook too much chats one by one. Today we are sharing you the one amazing ways to delete all messages in single click.
    How to Do :

  • Login your Account >> Go to Setting >> Go to General
  • At last, Click to DOWNLOAD A COPY
  • Facebook sever automatically, create full backup of Facebook Messages, Photos, Videos and more other things file, Download this file.
  • Send it Comfiramation Email that you Confirmed with that Account.
  • How to Delete all facebook messages at once.

  • Go to Google Chrome extensions and search FACEBOOK-DELETE ALL MESSAGES extension.
  • Add to Chrome : Facebook – Delete All Messages Extension.
  • Now you go to login your facebook ID in DELETE ALL MESSAGES extension
  • Click on Messages or You Open your Inbox and you see all the Chat History that you done with your
    Friends Previously.
  • After all processes , When your Hit Click and a Notification bar comes up Where you again Click “Launch”. It will show you a Pop Up Confirmation that you really want to Delete all Facebook Messages.
  • Click on OK

  • How to Turn Messenger Camera Into Like Snapchat camera features

    Snapchat is all very popular social media in this world. Now facebook also update the some features like snapchat. Now user can capture amazing photos in messenger and add stickers, maskes in photos and set that photo on My Day and tag that photo to your lovely friends.The camera includes a number of optional special effects like facial masks, and once a photo or video is opened you’ll have 24 hours to respond to it otherwise it’ll disappear.

    How to Transfer Files on Messenger

    Now Messenger is totally update, Now facebook Messenger helped for transfer files with other peoples.
    How to Transfer files :
    Just open the Facebook on PC >> Open the Message Page >> Just Drag and Drop to message chat >> Attachment is automaticallysattached >> Send to Friend.

    Track Facebook Profile Visitor

    It’s too much to know who person view your profile without your permission. How to know who person seen you profile
    How to Know :
    – First, you should go to your timeline or wall.
    – Now right click of the mouse and click on View Page source.
    – You will see all coding of your profile in the new page.
    – Now just press Control + F, You will see search Box on Upper right corner of Chrome.
    – You can go directly view-source: https://www.facebook.com/ikshitijsingh
    – Now paste [InitialChatFriendsList] on Find box.
    – Then you will see many Friends profile ID code after InitialChatFriendsList
    – Just copy any Profile ID code and Past After https://www.Facebook.com/
    – Example https://www.Facebook.com/xxx id code xxx

    How to Download Facebook Video :

    Most of People think that, we can not download facebook video, Your thinking is totally wrong. How to Download Facebook Video very ways : Without any software.
    How to Download :

  • Open the Facebook
  • Copy the URL of Facebook Video
  • Go to Clip Convertor and Paste the Video URL inside
  • Click on Continue
  • After 1-2minute loading : Select the Resolution of video (CLICK ON RESOLUTION WHICH YOU WANT)
  • After Click, Downloading will be Started.

  • How to Delete your Facebook Account Permantely from Facebook

    Deactivation is not that means your account is deactivate your account for sometime. But Removed from your facebook account means your account will be delete from facebook permantely.
    How to Do :
    – Log in to Facebook with your email and password.
    – Go to Settings >> General Account Settings
    – Download a copy of your facebook data.
    – Go to the following link and enter your password when asked.
    – Now just click delete my facebook account .
    – That’s it. You are done.

    How to Click Default Theme of Facebook :

    Bored of default blue facebook theme ? Change facebook’s default theme and switch to a new one.However you can always revert back all the changes and switch to deafult theme again.
    How to Do :
    – First of all Go to Chrome Webstore and Download This Chrome Extension (CLICK HERE FOR Download).
    – Now Go to Chrome Extension Where you see all of your Installed Chrome Extension.
    – Now Click on Explore and Choose your Favorite Theme.
    – Hit Install on your Favorite Theme and See the Magic.

    Send Animated Gifs on Facebook Messenger

    – Start/open a chat
    – Tap on the GIF icon.
    – Scroll through the GIFs and tap to send.

    How to save links (BOOKMARK LINKS) for later

    Sometime we are saw the amazing things , News and Videos on fb but don’t immediately have time to view and read a post.
    Today i am show you how to SAVE THAT POST FOR VIEW LATER.
    How to Save the Link

  • Open the News on facebook post
  • On the Top right side icon for options
  • Click on ARROW
  • At last you see the Option “Save link”
  • CLICK on it
  • When you Free after work
  • Just open the browser
  • Enter this link : https://www.facebook.com/saved/

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