Expert Tips to Choose a Perfect Dress Watch For Yourself

Expert Tips to Choose a Perfect Dress Watch For Yourself: Did you know that a great watch usually makes you feel good and look smart in the eyes of your colleagues? Yes, it can and in fact, dress watches can do more than that. If you are having a business meeting, you will want to look professional and so you cannot put on a sports watch alongside your suit. This is the best time to wear a dress watch which complements the suit you are wearing and the occasion.

But when it comes to buying a dress watch, you must know that it’s an investment that should not last for a short of time but for many years to come. This is because you will not want to buy a dress watch every now and then. For that reason, there are a lot of things to consider when buying one for yourself.

In this article, we have listed some important tips to help you choose a perfect dress watch as shared by experts.

  1. The Movement

The movement is an important aspect of every watch and a dress watch is not an exception. Watches with Swiss movements are thought to be the best. However, you may have your own preferences when it comes to movements.

Another type of movement that is considered the best due to its level of craftsmanship is, the mechanical. But due to the regular maintenance needed for this type of movement, it might not be the best one for your dress watch. For manual movement, then you will need to wind it yourself.  For self-winding movements, you will have to wear the watch frequently so that it remains consistent in time-telling. But quartz movement is also the best choice. Quartz watches are powered by a battery and provide accurate time-telling and are also, cheaper than mechanical ones.

  1. Buy From a Trusted Watch Dealer

Buying a dress watch is an investment which means you will need to use it for years so you will want to purchase it from a trusted dealer. The watch should also come from a trusted and well-known watchmaker. This way, you will have a time-telling friend who will last longer

  1. Consider a Conservative Dress Watch

You will want to wear your watch for a long period of time and so it’s important to choose a conservative design. In fact, your dress watch shouldn’t be too flashy. Just get a simple and sophisticated dress watch, particularly if you will be wearing it during your day to day work activities and in meetings. Ensure it boosts your look and does not take the focus off of you.

  1. The Dial

A dress watch is a timepiece you will be wearing during meetings with your business partners or at your place of work and so it should not contain big diamonds. In fact, you do not need a dive time tracker. It should be simple and only tell you the time. It should consist of at least 3 hands, plus the date.  A classic round dial shape would be an ideal choice.

The dial color should be plain white or black since it matches with a variety of outfits, especially men’s’ suits. The dial size should suit your wrist size. It should not be too big nor too small.

  1. The Strap

Watch straps different from one watch to another. When it comes to a dress watch, a thin leather strap would be the best option. The leather should be genuine, of course. On matters regarding the color of the leather strap, it should complement with the color of your belt and shoes. This means if you have a brown belt and shoes, the color of your leather strap should also be brown. For black shoes and belt, a black leather strap would be the best option. Matching the color accordingly will create a perfect look.

Final Words

Choosing a dress watch like any other type of watch has its own challenges. We hope our tips will help you to choose a perfect dress watch for yourself. What we need to emphasize is that you should always research and shop around before you decide the type of dress watch to choose.

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