Verizon is undoubtedly the most popular cellular service provider in America. This is why over a hundred million Americans use their service.

Despite all the technological advancements, network issues will still occasionally occur.

Recently, it was discovered that Verizon users complain about receiving errors on 31 other network issues in their phones. We have the solution for error 31 code if you’re also experiencing this problem.

What is Error 31?

Solutions to Error 31 - Other Networks

Although it may seem strange to Verizon users, thousands of Americans have seen straight talk error 31. We were able to identify the root cause of this problem for Verizon users. Here are some possible causes.

Signal Extension: Many people use the signal extender in order to get more than they normally receive. The signal extender is nothing more than a divide that helps you find other networks in your region if you are unable to get one. This could also be the reason that you may experience 31 network issues on Verizon. This error will be caused by a malfunction in your device.

iMessage Enabled: An android user will receive this error code if they try to send a message to an iPhone user with the “iMessage” feature enabled. Enabling the iMessage feature blocks all text messages from android phones.

Messaging App: Your current messaging app might not be compatible for Verizon. This could cause error 31 on your smartphone. This error can be caused by some messaging apps that are not compatible with Verizon.

Solutions to Error 31 – Other Networks

Change the Messaging App

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Android phones have many apps that can be used for testing. Verizon customers should always use the official app for texting. Users who reported error 31 and switched back from the app were able to resolve the problem. Your device could not communicate properly with Verizon. This could explain why error 31 appears on your device.

  • Search for and click on Play Store from the phone’s menu.
  • To download the app, type “Verizon SMS App” and click “Install”.
  • To personalize the app, fill in your details and then use it for sending messages or checking if the error has been fixed.


Disable Extender

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To get better coverage, you should temporarily disable your Signal Extender and then turn off the Wi-Fi to check if the message can still be sent over the mobile network. The extender is responsible for sending the message. Contact Verizon customer service to request a technician to fix the extender.

iPhone iMessage can be disabled

You can disable the IMessage feature if you’re using an iPhone. If someone sends you a text message using android, but your iMessage is still active, you won’t be able receive it.

  • Tap the Settings Icon on your screen.
  • Tap on the Messages option in the list.
  • To disable the iMessage, tap on the toggle button adjacent to .


These are the top methods to fix Verizon error 31 and other network issues. After investigating the cause of the problem, these solutions will be explained. We could have more solutions, so let us know if you’ve used one of these. It will help others solve the problem.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below. If the problem persists, contact a technician as it could be more complicated than we realize.