Is Electric Bike the Future of Transportation?

Is Electric Bike the Future of Transportation: In the 1990s, sci-fi movies suggested than in the 21st century, transportation will be comprised mainly of flying vehicles whizzing through the air.

As we enter 2020, it is becoming more evident that the future of transportation will most probably remain grounded. But a new tendency has appeared, and it is something that nobody would have guessed back a few decades ago, namely the growing popularity of e-bikes.

So, is the electric bike, the future of transportation? Let’s explore the recent developments and the forecasts for the near future, as well as some of the signs which lead people to believe that more people will be riding e-bikes in the upcoming years.

How electric bikes have gained momentum in the last years

When they first appeared a few decades ago, e-bikes were somewhat futuristic, and people then believed that they were a crazy fad that will quickly die away.
Now, in early 2020 more people are using electric bikes of different types. Some prefer ones that are almost completely motorized like mopeds, while many others like the convenience of the motor-assisted electric bikes. The latter can be used as traditional bicycles but have motors and batteries which can come in handy when riding uphill or when trying to keep up with the traffic when commuting.
While many people are choosing to lead more active lifestyles, and are leaving their cars in their garages and driveways, the electric bike has turned out to be one of the best alternatives to cars and to public transportation.
Not only do people get the chance to ride to work or the store and get the aerobic exercise to stay healthy and fit, but the e-bike saves them tons of money for gas, for car insurance, for parking. They also save time from being stuck in the traffic.
A growing number of people, too are looking for greener and more sustainable ways to get from point A to point B, and the electric bike is one of the best options for a more environmentally friendly approach to transportation.

Why are More People Switching to E-bikes?

With more people trying to reduce their carbon footprints, and more people striving to lead more active lifestyles, electric bikes have become incredibly popular.
Every year, the electric bike designers and manufacturers are adding new features to their products, which are making them even more attractive.
Today, one can buy a lightweight, fast, sturdy e-bike for a reasonable amount of money, and at a fraction of the cost of a car and the maintenance, it requires.
Plus, many cities are working towards expanding and improving the protected lines for electric bikes or e-bike sharing services in order to stimulate more people to leave their cars at home and thus alleviate the heavy traffic, decrease pollution and make urban life cleaner, quieter and healthier.

The Versatility of the Electric Bike

With the advent of the lithium battery and lightweight motor technologies, it comes to no surprise that more different models and types of electric bikes are being released on the market every year.
Today, it is a fact that there is virtually an electric bike for anyone.
Some e-bikes are made for road use and city use, and they are the perfect option for people looking for faster, cheaper, and healthier ways to commute to work or school.
Some of the city e-bikes are even foldable and easily fit in a train or bus, and also in the office or home.
There are specialized electric bikes with cargo compartments that can be used for delivering packages, moving heavy objects and grocery shopping. They can easily be used by parents who need to get their kids to school and then go run errands as a healthier and more eco-friendly approach than cars.
Other electric bikes are designed and made for riders who enjoy extreme off-road adventures. Like mountain bikes, but with batteries and motors, these mountain electric bikes make mountain biking even more fun – both uphill and downhill.
Electric bikes are vehicles that can enable people who are otherwise incapable of getting out and being more active to do so. This is true for seniors or people with disabilities, as well as those who do not feel fit enough or have the confidence to ride a regular bicycle.

The Affordability

When they were first introduced on the market, motor and battery-powered e-bikes were very expensive and were seen as vehicles or toys for the rich and the privileged only.
Even though today, there are still high-end models that are quite expensive, there are other much more affordable electric bikes available for the ordinary average person too.
So, as the technologies advance, it seems that electric bikes will become even more available for larger groups of people of all social classes.
In some countries, states, and cities, the residents are financially stimulated to purchase and ride electric bikes instead of driving cars or using public transportation. Some municipalities even offer reimbursements for the money paid for e-bikes.

The Health Benefits

People around the world are becoming increasingly conscious about leading more healthy and active lifestyles.
With electric bikes, more people who would otherwise remain at home or would rely on their cars solely are coming out of their homes riding bikes instead.
Electric bikes have given the elderly, as well as those incapable of riding regular bicycles a chance to enjoy the fun and the health benefits of riding.
Since most of the e-bikes have pedals, they still require that the rider does some pedaling, balancing, steering, and otherwise perform some sort of physical aerobic exercise.
Even though the motor can kick in and be used on the harder uphill roads, or for achieving a faster speed on the road, electric bikes are still a much more active way to move around than driving or riding the bus or train.
There are multiple health benefits of riding electric bikes, and more people – young and old are coming to realize this and are switching to commuting and riding electric bikes instead of their cars and trucks.

The financial benefits

Even though an electric bike will require that you make an initial investment, and does require some ongoing maintenance costs such as tire repair, battery replacement, and others, it is still a much less expensive alternative to buying, driving and maintaining a car.
Using an electric bike to commute can save you a lot of money for fuel and bus and train tickets.
Also, riding your e-bike instead of calling a taxi or instead of driving around town to run every day errands is a much cheaper option.
More people are choosing to take their electric bikes with them even when traveling, as they can save a lot of money from having to pay for public transportation and cabs there too.
Plus, with an electric bike, you are not restricted to a schedule and can get to wherever you want, as long as you have enough battery power.

Final Words
Overall, it seems that electric bikes could well be the transport of the future – one which is more sustainable, healthy, less expensive, and faster than driving cars through the heavy traffic.
Whatever your reason may be for switching to riding an electric bike from driving – you should definitely go for it. The fun factor associated with riding an e-bike is one of the leading reasons why people are riding more and more, once they switch to e-bikes from regular bikes or from cars..

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