Introducing Instagram Story Downloader: Instagram is one of the notable and fast growing social media worldwide, exclusively structured to photo sharing by the users that connects over 1 billion people of different continents of the world. Furthermore, it is an App essentially for social communities built for photo and video sharing.

The app was started in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kineger. In 2012, it was purchased from the original creators by the world’s most leading social media network, called Facebook.



Instagram Story Downloader app is an in-built app Instagram with features that allows you to place or post or share photos, videos, reels, which can last only but 24 hours.

With Instagram story, you can easily save photos, videos with the already provided Instagram app but the app does not allow another user to save or download instagram stories but can only screenshot the stories. Screenshotting and downloading is quite different altogether, and that will lead us to introducing to you how to download data like stories, IGTV, live stream, photos, videos, reels posted by another user on Instagram, without the notice of the poster. It saves directly to your phone gallery or PC

It is very easy with no protocol. All you need to do is to follow the steps we are about to show you here.

Instagram App Data Downloader, Instagram Stories Downloader for iOS/Android, Instagram Photo App Downloader for iOS/Android/PC are the solution for your longer awaited means of downloading data or view instagram stories anonymously from other user’s Instagram profiles.

Here you don’t need to have an Instagram account or use the app before you can view and download stories of other users, just type in the username, click on the data you wish to download and click on download, it will automatically be downloaded to your iOS, Android or PC.


Instagram Stories are photos and videos that are posted to your profile and last for 24 hours. Since there’s a time limit on how long a story is visible to everyone, you have several options to save your own Instagram Story to your app or phone.


Instagram, one of the most popular social media, enables you to take a look at numerous other user’s lives, special hobbies and global trends. There is this feature on Instagram that is fun and easy to operate nis known as Stories. Instagram stories feature photos, videos and reels posted to your profile or timeline which can last only but 24hrs. Normally, the only and simplest way to save someone else’s Instagram Story is to record or screenshot it on your phone or PC devices, although, this will neither notify the user. There are also a few methods you could use to download or save someone else’s stories.


Follow our guides to lead you to our to download another user’s instagram stories.

With our Instagram Story downloader for Android/iOS/PC, Instagram stories App downloader

Instagram Stories Anonymous Photos App Downloader for PC/Android/iOS

There’s an option of using a third-party website like our SAAS (Instagram stories anonymous App downloader for Android/iOS/ PC, Instagram stories App downloader), that allows you to download another user’s Instagram Story, as long as their account isn’t a private account. That intriguing and beautiful stories you see always on Instagram that make you feel like you have them saved on your phone or PC, without notifying the user or without the knowledge of the user, we provided this medium to help download those stories;


  • Visit our SAAS Instagram Story downloader in your desktop web browser or phone search engines like Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, Opera Mini, Phoenix etc;
  • Type in the username of the account whose story you want to download from, with the @ (e.g. @user_name) or username or
  • Select the individual story you need and click Download.

Very simple and easy access without any protocol. No matter how long the video reel are, without the notice of the user, you can download them directly into your phone and PC devices.

As explained before, Instagram app is not built or structured with the ability to save or download another user’s data (stories, photos, reels, videos etc) we got you covered to view and download stories of any kind if only the user’s account is public account without you logging in into Instagram App or having Instagram account.

However, this simplest way to download instagram stories provided by us serves as follow;

  • Instagram Story Downloader app for Android/iOS/PC IG App Stories Downloader
  • Instagram Stories Anonymous Photos Downloader for PC/Android/iOS
  • Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader Anonymously Online
  • Downloader of Instagram Highlights without App itself


  • It does not matter whether you installed Instagram App on your phone or PC
  • It is very simple and amazing
  • It gives great support to Instagram highlights and story viewer.


  1. It will be permanently saved on your phone or PC
  2. You can as well share or post the downloaded stories to different social media platforms of your choice at any time you want
  3. The user would not be aware that you downloaded his or her stories
  4. The videos, photos and reels are automatically yours saved on your phone or PC
  5. Instagram is one of the fastest world growing social media presently
  6. To stay connected with over 1 million users, globally
  7. Uploading on your own stories new amazing and beautiful downloaded data
  8. To attract more viewers, followers, comments as much as you want because you share beautiful on your own stories.



Instagram Highlights; Saving and Downloading Instagram Highlights into your Phone/PC

This is a recent upgraded feature on the Instagram stories, which enables users to create Highlight i.e saving posts on their Instagram account from the stories after they’ve disappeared.


You and oher Instagram users can view the crested video or photo on highlight as well, which is no longer on your stories.

The major idea behind this feature, Instagram Stories Highlights is that one can create themed highlights where he/she can save and publicly store stories or posts that he/she thinks wininin other users’ attention. Instagram Highlight is good for those using their Instagram account for businesses.


The Advantages of Having Highlights for Businesses are as Follow:

√ Gives you easy way to grouped posts and stories

√ Highlight your testimonials to other instagram users

√ Highlight your theme specific products or collections

√ Add Highlight with the FAQ section about your business

And lots of more applications that you can try and use on your Instagram account profile.


This is how you can save an Instagram story in Highlights:

◼️ Firstly, open the active story or go to your Archive and click on the saved stories

◼️ Secondky, click on the Highlight icon at the bottom of the story screen

◼️ Thirdly, select a Highlight category of your choice or just ‘Add new‘




Your story will now show in the Highlight right below your details in your Instagram profile account.

Another access you can create Highlight of the archived stories is by simply following these steps:


❇️ Go to your profile and tap the + icon in Stories Highlights below your profile details

❇️ Tap once to select the story of your choice to add to highlights

❇️ Then tap Next

❇️ Choose a cover photo and enter a story name for your highlight

❇️ Tap Add

At any point in time, you can add more photos or videos to your highlight by tapping Edit Highlight.

These are ways to save your own instagram highlights.

Remember the app has feature for saving your own highlights in your profile but does not hve features to download another user’s Instagram highlights directly into your phone or PC. There’s why we are here to help you with that.

With our instagram highlights App downloader you can download any another user’s instagram highlights.