HTML5 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Website Stand Out

If you have entered the programming world recently then you must have listened to the word markup and also wondered how it is different from the word code. Today we are going to talk about these markup languages and find out more about this. It is designed to process, define and present text; style files are there in which tag embedding and text annotations are carried out which is used to make the text manipulation easy for the computer. You must have come across the HTML. HTM is one of the most commonly used markup languages. After a few years back, the updated version of this language is released and this is called HTML5. So in today’s article, we will be seeing the difference between these two languages and know more about them.

What is HTML?

HTML is extended as Hyper-Text Markup Language and is known as Worldwide Web’s primary language. This language is used by the developers which in programming various web pages on the internet about how multimedia, text, and hyperlink and other things which will get displayed on web browsers. In this language, the standard was developed by W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium in 1997.


HTML is a tag and element based language in which the tags are used to define text structures whereas tags and elements are defined in HTML using the < and > characters. There are various predefined tags in HTML like font, heading, footer, body and many more. There have been various updates in this language, and the latest version of HTML is HTML5. It is still a markup language by a plethora of features are added to the original HTML which makes it better to use than ever.


Coming to the differences between HTML and HTML5, here are some of the main points:

  • Upgrades in any language are inevitable and so is with HTML. There are numerous updates which are being to this language and the biggest one is HTML5. Counting on the biggest difference between HTML and HTML5HTML5 has high-level audio and video support. Audio and video are the consistent part of HTML5 whereas; it is no such case in HTML.
  • Javascript and validations are an integral part of the web programming. But the HTML does not support JavaScript to run within the web browser while on the other hand, the HTML5 allows Javascript to be part of the program.
  • Flash, VML, and Silver-light, etc. are used in conjunction in HTML for SVG, canvas and other virtual vector graphics. But these vectors are completely supported in HTML5 without any external help.
  • In HTML, browser cache could be utilized for temporarily storing data while HTML5 uses web SQL databases, application cache for this purpose.
  • There are a new type of form controls, for example, dates and times, email, number, range, tel, URL, search etc. which are supported in HTML.
Better Version of HTML

Indeed HTML5 is the new and the better version of HTML which has made the life of developers easier. But this is also touched for change so stay tuned for new technology coming soon.

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