If you are wondering if mining will be profitable in 2022, you probably want to start doing it.

Of course, you can just look at the people who are already experienced in this business, who are still mining, and conclude that yes, it is very profitable. 

As we may observe, mining has not disappeared. On the contrary, it has only gained momentum and moved to a larger scale.

Few people can find mining on two video cards, as it was a few years ago. So, let’s take a closer look at the relevance of mining in 2022.

Is it profitable to get into it now from scratch?

What are the most effective ways and what should be taken into consideration?

Is Home Mining Dying?

Is Home Mining Dying?

Mining on a Graphics Card

Mining on a Graphics Card

Many people started with home mining when there was not yet a modern advanced hosting.

This raises the first question: is it profitable to mine at home and will it pay off in 2022?

The first thing we have to consider when entering mining in 2022 is the payback on the equipment.

Not just video cards, but everything else, as the components for a mining farm have gone up a lot. The profitability is holding high and, according to the forecasts of the experts, is not going to fall. However, the payback of video cards has grown a lot.

To this, we must add the ever-increasing complexity in the network, because of the connection of new video cards. 

At the same time, all the electricity costs remain, and the prices are increasing. To put it in a nutshell, the profits have fallen by about half compared to 2021.

For example, if you take an RTX 3070 graphics card, which currently costs about $1,300, its profitability on the Ether example is $86 per month.

Taking into account the complexity of the network, the remuneration, the pool commission, the electricity price, the current price of Ether, and the cost of the video card, the payback is more than 400 days.

Payback on mining farms

The payback on a mining farm in 2022 has increased. If you are assembling a mining farm from new cards,

consider the payback of each card, plus the video cards, add the cost of the mining equipment.

If you want to buy a mining farm off-hand, you should also take enough time to test it.

Divide the cost of the entire farm by the number of cards, and getting the cost of the video cards, calculate the payback of each card from the farm, if the cards are different. 

To all this, we also need to consider the cost of electricity. It has to be practically uninterrupted so that you don’t have unnecessary problems. Add to that the constant maintenance of the equipment.

According to statistics at the moment, the payback of mining farms in 2022 has almost doubled compared to the same period in 2021. 

Undoubtedly, you can still make good money if you create all the conditions for favorable mining, this is not even discussed. However, it is much more difficult now than it used to be.

What About Hosting?

What About Hosting?

We took a look at home mining and realized that right now it’s not a good idea.

After all, safe and effective use of mining equipment requires special skills and even more so good conditions.

An unreliable power grid or the Internet can disrupt the mining process and make it very slow.

In addition, at home, it is very difficult to equip a powerful cooling system, and it is already fraught with overheating and failure of the equipment for mining.

And, of course, not all bitcoin investors can afford high-quality and expensive equipment, especially at the initial stage.

What to do in this case?

And so, if you have not succeeded with mining at home, then do not rush to get upset, you have a great alternative.

This is to turn to the services of a mining hosting service.

You can even say that they are the future and they are gradually replacing home mining.

Hosting Benefits

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Of course, there are many advantages of hosting. First of all, you will not need to buy the equipment, as well as look for a separate room for it.

Plus, using a crypto mining hosting services will reduce the cost of each bitcoin because hosting buys equipment cheaper and places it in more favorable regions from an economic point of view.

Other advantages of using crypto-mining hosting include saving your time and resources. All server maintenance work is done by specially selected staff.

They work full-time not only to maintain necessary conditions and prevent breakdowns but also to repair servers if necessary.

That is, if in your basement while you sleep can start a fire and burn all the equipment, then on the hosting it is excluded.

The use of renewable sources of electricity, as well as the efficient continuous cooling of the devices, have a positive effect on the environmental friendliness of the mining process.

Finally, with the help of the data center, beginners and experienced crypto-miners alike can get all the help they need in mastering and improving the bitcoin mining process.

This will improve the market forecasting skills and avoid failures when investing in cryptocurrency.


Now let’s summarize and still answer our main question in two words: is it profitable for us to mine in 2022?

In both cases – yes! We can still make good money from mining and achieve all our goals. But as far as home mining is concerned, it will be a little harder than in previous years.

But by resorting to an alternative, namely the use of mining hostings, we find a better way out of this situation.

If you want to invest profitably in cryptocurrency, then hosting is the best choice.

The service, the perfectly created conditions, and everything are thought out in detail, and all you have to do is to observe the successful mining.