Costs of Owning a Personal Drone : Best of Drones with Camera

In the last few years, drone technology has evolved so much that their ownership and use has become almost commonplace. This would have been very hard to imagine even a decade back. If you are new to this technology and wish to experience it, but are not properly acquainted with all the perks it can provide, then you could easily be overwhelmed by the range of options and specs currently on offer.


We would like to suggest that you do a thorough research and make a priority list of exactly what functions you seek most from your drone before making a purchase. A particular functionality could be lower on your priority list but could massively increase the price of the drone you have to opt for to get it. In such a case you can forgo that function to make your drone purchase more affordable.

Extra expenses that drive up the cost of drone ownership

Some popular brands of drones come with all the accessories that you may need down the line, which ensures that their costs are known to you upfront. Most affordable drones, on the other hand, require you to buy accessories such as extra batteries and prop guards, which further drive the cost up.

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Read this article to best ascertain the overall cost of owning a personal drone that includes the price of the drone itself, along with the price estimates of other requisite accessories, maintenance, and upgrades.

A breakdown of drone expenses

There are many varieties of drones available in the market ranging from quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters. Depending upon to what use you wish to put your drone such as, professional photography or racing adventures, you might have to shell out some extra bucks to get the added features of better flight response and control.

These extra expenses could considerably drive up the cost of your drone ownership beyond the upfront price you pay for the drone itself. The list of expenses that make up the total cost of your drone include:

  • Propeller guards – If you are flying your drone outdoors recreationally, it is imperative for the safety of yourself and other bystanders that you attach propeller guards to your drone. These guards can also protect the propellers themselves and prevent your drone from getting entangled with tree branches. These accessories might drive the cost of your drone purchase up by $4 to $20.

  • Extra propellers – In case your drone meets with an accident and the propellers without which your drone cannot function is damaged, it is good to have some extra propellers handy. These may cost anywhere between $2 and $8.
  • GPS – In case you wish to use your drone for professional photography or for racing purposes, purchasing a good GPS might be a good investment for you.
  • Extra batteries – Drone batteries can take a while to get fully charged, so carrying extra batteries can ensure an interrupted flight experience. These range between $3 and $20.
  • Drone carrying case – Your drone needs protection when not in use as well as when it is being carried around by you. A drone guard can cost you up to $30, while a drone backpack could cost up to $100.

  • Micro SD cards – If you wish to enjoy an uninterrupted view from your drone mid-flight, you might have to invest in a micro SD card that is capable of storing the extra data. These cards range in price from $5 for 8GB storage space to $25 for storage spaces of higher capacity.
  • LED light kit – These help you keep track of your drone at night and also accord your drone a more stylish and high-end look for as little as $8.

  • Camera gimbals – While most drones come fitted with camera gimbals, in case your camera is expensive and you wish to install better quality gimbals, ensure that you buy ones that can be properly fitted with your drone and camera. Good quality Gimbals can cost as much as $75, though there are cheaper ones available too.

Thus, apart from the price of the drone itself, the total cost of owning a personal drone can be driven up by anywhere around $100 to $200. On the other hand, f you are unaware of the whole host of amazing specs that good drones offer, you could be easily trapped by the lure to settling for cheaper drones that fall massively short on the services they deliver.

Paying a little more and increasing the budget from under $100 to under $200, on the other hand, can ensure that your drone gets a huge boost in productivity and quality. You could look through this carefully curated list of the best drones under $200, to make the best-informed decision regarding your drone purchase.

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