Consider a Refurbished Phone Next Time you Upgrade

Phones are an integral part of modern day life and a near necessity by modern day standards. Typically the battery or some other component dies after a few years and every year or so the major manufacturers reveal another new, updated phone model. All of this pushes people to constantly upgrade their phone. Some people manage to cling on to their ancient handset from the early 2000s, but most people will upgrade their phone at some point. The next time you do, consider buying a refurbished phone. Read on to find out why.

Save yourself some money

This is the most obvious reason for buying refurbished, you can get some great deals on near new phones. Buying brand new packaged mobile phones are incredibly expensive, but you can use a website like Compare My Mobile to find refurbished versions of exactly the same model phones for much less. It’s as easy as searching for something like refurbished pixel phones to find some great deals on like-new phones.

Have the same latest model phones

The alternative to buying a brand new phone when you can’t quite afford the very latest model is to go back one or two generations. Why do this though? You can get the very latest model phones for the same price by buying refurbished models instead. Instead of sacrificing features and updates for the sake of saving money, consider instead saving the money without sacrificing features by buying a refurbished phone of the latest model.

It’s easy to trade phones

it’s easy to buy and sell refurbished mobile phones. When you walk into a big chain handset retailer on the high street, you’ll often be shown a limited range of handsets and have a salesperson on hand to pressure you into buying from them. When you buy online, you get to complete the buying or selling process at your leisure and can do it from the comfort of your home. You also have access to the widest range of handsets, from refurbished pixel phones to the latest models from Samsung and Apple.

Save money without the hassle of contracts

When you buy your own handset outside of a contract package, it’s much easier to save money and get a genuinely good deal for yourself. Contract upgrades usually pad your monthly payment such that you end up paying the full retail price of the phone or more by the time it’s paid off. Sometimes carriers may even lock the phone, so that it only works with SIM cards from that carrier, making it much more difficult for you to change providers if you find a better deal.

When you buy refurbished, you own the phone in full from the moment you buy it and you are free to use it with any unlocked SIM card. This gives you a much wider range of options when looking for service providers and lets you choose a plan that is most suitable for you. Since you’re not paying for the phone, the monthly payments will typically be much cheaper compared to a standard contract that includes a handset.

Halve the costs by selling your own phone

If your current handset is relatively recent, consider selling your current phone on the same platform you buy the new phone from. In this way you can put the money from your old handset towards the cost of your new one, even further lowering your out of pocket expenses when you upgrade your phone handset!

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