Chromebooks Review : Pros and Cons | Users Facing PROBLEMS: Chromebooks All advantages | Disadvantages | Drawbacks |Chromebook is better than laptop or NOT? – Short Description about the Topic.

Chromebooks Review :

Chromebooks in trends, Lot’s of user buy this device. chromebooks is very good Cheap and best device. Let’s talk about this device in details, it’s Advantages, Disadvantages, Problems and Features.

Chromebooks Pros | Advantages :

  • It’s Cheap and best device aganist costly laptops and computers. (Same Userinterface like : Laptops or Computers).
  • Best thing is that : Chromebook is basically design to perform all their computing and storage functions on Google Cloud Platform. Save your Most of Important DATA like Files, Books , Pictures and Music in secure Google Drive. Storage Limit is 100GB free for two years.
  • Access your Data from Anyplace. Suppose your chromebook not in your bag, You will access your important from other device, laptop or computer.
  • Battery Life is Very Good, User get 6 hours battery and It’s Better battery life than Laptops.
  • Security Level is also Good because the chrome OS has built in antivirus and malware protection. Don’t worry about the Virus.
  • Parental Controls – Chromebook users can create supervised accounts to track or limit online activity for kids online. This makes the Chromebook a great family-friendly laptop.
  • Light weight
  • Google have announced that you will soon be able to run Android apps on your Chromebook. This merging of Chrome OS and Android enhances the functionality of a Chromebook.

  • Chromebooks Cons | Disadvantages

  • Biggest Cons of Chromebooks is that Users always connected with Internet connection. You need an internet connection to access most of your apps.
  • It’s Look like Laptop but not a Laptop beacause Chromebook has some limitations.
  • Internal Storage is 16GB or 32GB Memory with expandable memory og 64GB.
  • Google Cloud storage is Free for 2Years only , After 2 Years customer will be pay for storage.
  • Big Cons is that Chromebook doesn’t connecting with Printer.
  • Microsoft Apps Doesn’t work properly, Chromebooks has limitations
  • Some Adobe Softwares doesn’t works in Chromebooks (like Adobe Photshop)