Checks to be made While Buying a New Helmet

Whenever riding a bike or any two-wheelers, it is quite essential to wear helmets for the safety of the brain as it is the most complicated and fragile organ in the human body. Hence, it is important to invest in safe, well fitted and appropriate helmet for the best safety regards. With so many options and types of helmets, available one can even do online shopping for helmets. It is not only a safety need that is fulfilled by wearing the helmet, but people with expensive bikes make it mandatory to have helmets that give them the style and confidence while riding their bikes.

It may be tempting to put sometimes the fashion and price factor while choosing the best helmets but it is a complicated decision to choose the right helmet that offers the best safety needs.

How to make an appropriate choice for the right helmet-

  • Check whether they are legal or not- Whenever buying a new helmet, it is obvious to check the attributes like the safety standards and other measures. There are many standards around the world where every country has different measures to measure safety and security so that their helmet passes. The helmets so selected must be at least DOT approved which is quite beneficial for the riders. Other norms are the Snell and Euro which are also followed in other countries.
  • Look for the safety standards- Buying a high-priced helmet does not mean it is good and safe. Not all the helmets are rates according to the safety standards. But one must make a selection of color and style of helmet that is passed in the overall safety standard.
  • Go with appropriate size- It is seen that every helmet brand has a different shape where the size of every biker is also different. Even while buying helmets online there is a size specification list at the end that must be checked. The helmet manufacturers make the helmet as per the worldwide audience. The buyer must measure the head with tape above their eyebrows, choosing the perfect fit.
  • Look for extra features- Last but not the least specification while making the online helmet buy is to see for the extra features if any it has for the riders. Features like good ventilation, Pin-lock-ready visors for prevention against fogging and even the ability to fit a clamp-on any Bluetooth unit or integrated unit such as on Nolan helmets for making the helmet more trendy and useful.

Always look for helmets that have removable and washable internal padding and lining as this will increase the life of your helmet. One can also get rid of any smell also if any of the helmets are properly washed with good fragrance products.

For those making decision to buy an open-face helmet always look for three push-on buttons on the front which can attach a visor or a peak preventing any lift at speed. Make a decision with thorough research and safety standards so that the bike rides are safe and comfortable.

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