Thesis Statement: Apple cider vinegar is the best thing to have when trying to lose weight. It has a low carb level which is perfect for people on the keto diet. However, people with weak teeth, mouth ulcers, and low sugar levels must avoid it.

The Keto diet is becoming increasingly popular amongst fitness freaks and people looking to lose weight. The low-carb diet requires you only to have things with minimum to no carbohydrates. You must be wondering if you can have apple cider vinegar on a keto diet. 

Apple cider vinegar is one thing that many people use in their daily lives for health benefits and to lose weight. Before adding anything to your diet, you must check its carbohydrate range, especially when on a keto diet. Let’s see if apple cider vinegar is fit on a keto diet.

How Many Carbs Does Apple Cider Vinegar have?

People dealing with health issues usually try to follow shortcuts to get faster results. People trying to lose a huge amount of weight try to add apple cider vinegar to their diet to get a boost. However, people on the keto diet have to pay special attention to what they are consuming. Is apple cider vinegar keto-friendly?

Good news! It is keto-friendly, with 0.1 grams of carbs in one serving. It is a great drink if you want to lose weight quickly and increase your metabolic rate. Having it between your meals or first thing in the morning will jump-start your metabolism.

On the other hand, it has very few calories, about 3 in one teaspoon. Dietitians suggest their customers frequently use it to see a faster result. However, few people may not like how it tastes and makes you feel the first few times.

Models and actors like to have raw apple cider vinegar every morning to cut fat. However, it is not recommended to keep your teeth intact. You can try a few recipes for that.\\


Keto-friendly Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Keto-friendly Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

People with prediabetes can make apple cider vinegar a frequent part of their lives to maintain sugar levels. If you find it hard to bear apple cider vinegar’s taste, you can try to have it in a few different ways. However, the most popular apple cider drink recipe requires you to have the following ingredients:

      Apple cider vinegar

      Warm water

      Zero-calorie sweetener


      Non-concentrated lemon juice

Take a glass of warm or slightly hot water, add one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, add zero-calorie sweetener, a pinch of cinnamon, and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Stir everything together well and have it at least once a day. It has a spicy and tangy flavor which most people like to have. It is also a great drink for diabetic patients. However, avoid it and consult your doctor before having it if you have low sugar levels.

Keto-friendly Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Who Should Avoid Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a beneficial drink, but it has a few side effects which cannot be ignored. Here are a few side effects you should be watching out for and have it only the right way:

1.   Tooth Decay

Some people have weaker teeth that go bad even with slight ignorance. If you have sensitive teeth, it is best to have them in a diluted form. Mix apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to make its taste bearable and protect your teeth. You can also use paper straws to have it; many people use this method. You can also invest in the best apple cider vinegar gummies for weight loss if you have teeth issues.

Who Should Avoid Apple Cider Vinegar?

2.   Low Sugar Level

Who Should Avoid Apple Cider Vinegar?

People wonder what is apple cider vinegar good for and how it affects your health? It is good for diabetic patients and regulates insulin production. However, people suffering from low sugar levels must avoid ACV. It has the properties to lower sugar levels, which can be harmful to some diabetic patients. If you want apple cider vinegar, always consult your doctor and ask them for advice.

3.   Mouth Ulcer


Most of us deal with mouth ulcers a couple of times in a few years due to a folic acid deficiency. If you have a mouth ulcer and blisters, apple cider vinegar is one thing you should avoid. It is acidic, which can burn your mouth and cause extreme discomfort.

Final Verdict

Apple cider vinegar works best for people on a keto diet as it has extremely low calories and carbohydrate levels. It does not disrupt your body’s ketosis state and helps you shed weight healthily. However, it would help avoid apple cider vinegar in a few mentioned cases.