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BlackBerry Keyone Hidden Features and How to Enable it :

Blackberry keyone hidden features - tips-tricks-ui-features
Blackberry Launch amazing smartphone : BlackBerry Keyone with amazing features. Blackberry Keyone smartphone has too many hidden feature, Today i am sharing the information about Keyone hidden features and Tips & Tricks.

  • Easy way to wake up the device : Just Double Tap on the screen
  • Quick Launch Cameras Easy Shortcut the enable Direct camera : Just Double Tap on Power button , smartphone automatically starts the cameras.
  • How to Enable On screen Keyboard on the Blackberry keyone?
    Go to Settings >> Tap on Languages & input >> Tap on Physical keyboard >> Tap the Toogle switch next to Show virtual keyboard
  • How to Take Screenshots of Blackberry Keyone :
    Press on the Power button at same time Press on Volume Down button and Screenshot save in your File manger.
  • How to Enable Split Multi-Window in Keyone :
    This feature is enabled on 3rd party downloaded application Mostly.
    Long Press on Recents app key >> You will be seen the two BOXES icon >> Click the TWO BOXES icon your smartphone is divided into two partitions >> Some Apps you will not see the TWO BOXES, It means that application is not compatible for Split window

  • Quick Reply System Notifications :
    When you get notifications you’ll see a text area below the notification where you can seamlessly add your reply and hit send.
    This feature help to increase your battery life and CPU performance.
  • Switch the Last Application Quickly :
    Just Double-tap >> Recent key to go to the last app
  • How to change the set action for the Convenience key, you can do so easily by accessing your BlackBerry KEYone settings :
    Go to Settings >> Find out COnvenience key (CLICK ON IT) >> Tap on Clear >>> Set it according to your need.

  • How to set Keyboard into Shortcut keys (SUPPOSE YOU LONG PRESS ON (F) DIRECTLY TO FACEBOOK) :
    This time around, you can swipe in all four directions to scroll on web pages and switch between screens. Also, all 52 keys are customizable, meaning you can assign each of them to a specific app, like F for Facebook or I for Instagram.

  • How to Set Fingerprint sensor on Space Bar :
    Go to Settings >> search for security and lock screen >> click on fingerprint sensor >> set first alternative lock, Then you set fingerprint sensor.
  • Hidden Features Video Presentation :