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Top best Windows launcher of 2017 for android phone How to change user interface of android phone,Free paid Download windows launcher apk Windows10 launcher – Short Description of topic.

Top best Windows launcher of 2017 for android phone

Hello user, Today we are sharing the best Windows launcher of 2016 for android.Many of the users of windows smartphones, when switch to android smartphone and Those user are getting bored with Android’s User Interface and want to enjoy Windows style launcher on your Android.Who switch from windows phone, He/she face many problems in new android phone like (operate a phone, Save contacts, doing setting and many more).So i am share the best apps to change the userinterface of android info windows smartphone.

Windows 10 Launcher

Windows 10 Launcher is one of the latest launcher of 2016.Are you getting bored with Android’s User Interface and want to enjoy Windows style launcher on your Android.This launcher gave same userinterface of windows 10 in android phone.In playstore, rating and reviews of Windows 10 Launcher is very good. Change your phone with unique look and feel with the fast.
Rating – 4.2/5
Downlaod – 50,000+
Downlaod Windows 10 Launcher for Android

Metro UI Launcher 8.1

Metro launcher 8.1
Metro UI Launcher 8.1 is latest launcher, this give to users full same experience of PC window 8.1 (same options , Same UI, same titles) and more. The graphics of this launcher is very amazing. If you want to change android phone info Windows 8.1 PC this launcher is best for you.
Rating – 4.1/5
Download – 30,000+
Download Metro UI Launcher 8.1 for Android

8.1 Metro Look Launcher

8.1 Metro Look Launcher
Second best option for you, Windows 8.1 metro launcher is very easy to use and users saw same experience like offically windows 8.1 smartphones.The Graphics of this launcher is attractive and bright.This is a perfect app to enjoy new look of your phone. this app is designed to enjoy a color full UI. Easy You can customize your tiles by long click on it.
Rating – 4.1/5
Download – 25,000+
Download windows 8.1 launcher for Android

Launcher 8 WP style

Launcher 8
Launcher 8 WP style is very popular launcher in playstore. Launcher 8, is an excellent app for you to experience the Windows phone UI style on your Android devices. It will make your Android phone’s homescreen looks like a Windows Phone. Performance of Launcher 8 is great and and reviews is also very good.Just surprise your friend with the new desktop on your android phone!
Rating – 4.4
Download – 3,90,000+
Downlaod Launcher 8 WP style

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