In this decade, we have some of the nicest technology the world has ever seen. Almost everything is a touchscreen, from phones to fridges, and these technologies have helped us in many different ways.

We can look up any information we need to know very quickly and easily, and our devices move faster than ever.

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to look back on the technology we’ve gotten rid of over the years. While it was harder to look up sports news, some of these gadgets were plain old fun, and others had really interesting aesthetics.

These days, most technology looks the same: flat screens, metallic backings, shaped like a box of some sort. Luckily, we still have some technology from the past available for resale.

These technologies can be added to your life to remind you of the days when you didn’t have to replace your phone every year.

Polaroid OneStep

You can never go wrong with a Polaroid camera. Sure, our phones can take pictures in the blink of an eye with amazing quality, but what’s the fun in that?

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to digital photos, but you’re not ready for the intricacies of film photography, check out Polaroid OneStep.

This camera is a modern spin on the original Polaroid, which is also available as a collectible from many online resellers.

Although it’s nice to have true vintage items, most people are probably better off buying the modernized version of the Polaroid OneStep. It’ll ensure that the camera actually works, but it maintains its classic look.

It produces great pictures that you get to watch develop right before your eyes. It’s also a great decoration piece to have on a shelf to give any room a classic feel.

Casio Calculator Watch

This amazing piece of wearable technology is the best way to give any of your outfits a retro twist. This watch was created by Casio and features normal time-telling capabilities, as well as a full four-function calculator.

You may recognize it from its appearance in the movie Back to the Future. It’s a fun piece to have in your wardrobe, especially if you like the vintage-futurism style.

Along with the calculator watch, Casio has an entire vintage collection, which features many of their nicest and most loved watches from over the years.

So if you’re not into having a calculator on your wrist, there are tons of other great options in this collection.

Game Boy

Let’s head back to the 90s and check out Nintendo’s Game Boy.

This outdated, but still exciting, handheld video game console was released in the late 80s by Nintendo and took the world by storm.

These days, you won’t find very many teenagers using them, but most video game enthusiasts have their hands on one or want to.

They come in different colors, so you can pick one out that matches your home aesthetic.

There are a few different versions of the Game Boy, and the classic model that most picture when they hear its name is pretty small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the focal point of a room.

If you have an accumulation of different retro devices, you can put up a shelf to display your collection. This is sure to pique the interest of any guest.


Record Player

No home is complete without a turntable. These devices bring a room together beautifully and have so many functions.

These days, most modern turntables can pair to your phone using Bluetooth, so you can play music both from physical records and your digital collection.

Many companies have been producing record players for years, so if your parents had a favorite brand, there’s a good chance you can find an updated version of it for sale now.

This way, you can impress guests of all ages with your decor choice while staying true to your style.