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If you’re single and keen to get into a relationship, the chances are you’ve at least considered going online. Dating websites and apps are growing in popularity all the time. If you happen to be reading this article on public transport surrounded by fellow passengers who are also wired into their smart devices, chances are several of them are browsing profiles or checking their inboxes for messages from prospective partners

With so many sites and apps dedicated to making matchmaking as convenient as possible, how on earth do you decide which to sign-up to? The answer to that question is something that is constantly evolving as new software is launched into the public domain. But here are our current top five dating apps for 2018.


Coffee Meets Bagel

In a crowded market, it’s important that apps contain unique characteristics, and this is certainly the case with Coffee Meets Bagel. The name alone conjures images of a modern, metropolitan audience, refreshing themselves over Lattes while checking out the talent in their favorite coffee shop. The actual app is aimed at ensuring clients who have busy lifestyles are catered for when it comes to their love lives.

Each day when the clock strikes 12, male users of the app are sent out a list of females close by. Women will find themselves in receipt of a similar list, only this will be prioritized – the males who have previously expressed an interest in meeting them will be at the top. When couples are matched-up they will be granted access to their own private chat room area. Here they can get to know each other better.

The obvious benefits of this way of being introduced are the way connections are slick and targeted, which is ideal for those who have grown tired with sites involving flicking through endless profiles.


Joining involves a straightforward sign-up process, which is also free, and it takes seconds to set up an account. Once you are a member you can search for matches according to various parameters, including sex, age, and location. The ratio of members is well balanced, which means your chances of finding someone suitable are excellent. There is also a lot of background material about cross-cultural aspects of dating and many other relevant topics.



Where Bumble differs from other dating apps is that the emphasis is placed on the female to initiate connection within one day. Her prospective male partner then has a further 24 hours to reply. Again, this is a form of fine-tuning that is all about weeding out time wasters or incompatible hookups.


The best function of this app is that as well as matching, it provides a suite of software for subsequent arrangements. There are timetables allowing you to plan dates carefully and synchronize diaries. It is linked to events sites, allowing you to browse through possible date locations in advance, with a free chat room where you can discuss your plans.


Zoosk’s potency is in its massive popularity. Available in over 80 countries, it currently has almost 30 million users, and rising. In order to keep clients hooked, there are all sorts of games that can be played online, ensuring this app is a more immersive experience than many others.


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