Technology has truly changed the whole world by today’s date. A sector that is not only promising but also very functional in today’s date is graphic designing.

Primary graphic designing was considered a functional hobby for most people, but rapid technological growth has allowed graphic designing to become a profession.

Graphic designing is a very important component for most cooperation organizations as having the right graphics on the website and logo is very important for attracting clients and customers.

Most graphic designers worldwide actually use Photoshop to create some graphic designs, but there are also functional alternatives to Photoshop.

These Alternatives Provides Photoshop free Experience to the Graphic Designers

7 Best Alternatives to Photoshop for Graphic Design


Best Alternatives to Photoshop

It would be unfair to have a list of graphic designing applications that are an alternative to Photoshop without mentioning procreate.

This is a very functional graphic designing software used by thousands of people worldwide who have exposure to graphic designing.

This software is back with the view of the most amazing graphic designing tools that people can use to create some fantastic designs.

For any person who is learning graphic designing and uses the application and learns several components of graphic designs and uses them on the platform itself.




Talking about graphic designing applications and software bunnypic turns out to be one of the most prominent alternatives to Photoshop.

This software is the backdrop with a few of the most amazing features that a person can find in Photoshop and other graphic designing applications.

It has several tools and functions to provide the proper graphic designing experience to users on both professional and beginner platforms

Bunnypic provides a few of the freest amazing tools that a person can use. Still, they can be upgraded after paying a certain amount for the advanced version.

It has certain special editing features such as a drag and drops editor and a lot more.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

Graphic designing is a very important criterion in the world of professionals in today’s date. Several people wish to pursue a career in graphic designing,

and affinity photo can turn out to be the right platform to learn graphic designing.

This software has been designed specifically to help people who are new to graphic design and understand several components of it and design some fantastic outcomes.

From cropping a photograph to creating layers of several photos to have fantastic graphic designs, affinity photos can do it all.

Corel Draw

Corel Draw

The graphic design has several components, including creating a rough design to make the right outcome with the involvement of the perfect colors.

Corel draw is a very functional software tool that several graphic designers can use all around the World to create magnificent graphic designs.

This software has a few of the best graphic designing tools that any person can use to create some fantastic designs on the platform.

This platform charges a person 39 dollars a month but also provide several benefits, such as training videos to help a person understand components of graphic designing.




One of the oldest graphic designing software that is available for people all around the World is gimp.

This software has existed for over 25 years to date and has provided a few of the most amazing graphic designing tools.

It has a very simple interface which makes usage of this software a lot better as well.

This platform is a website-based platform which means it does not require any installation and can be directly accessed on the website itself. 





One of the most professional graphic designing platforms in today’s date is the sketch.

Sketch allows a person to prototypes, mobile UI designs, and mockups that are well-known functions of Photoshop.

The primary reason this software can be considered an alternative to Photoshop is that it has the right features and the right tools to help a person edit

and create several graphic designers that can be used personally and professionally. 

Luminar AI 

Lumina is a very functional graphic designing application.

This software’s actual use is artificial intelligence to find the right combination of design and color to create fantastic graphic designs.

A person can buy the whole package for a cost of $99 or pay $60 a year to use the functions of this application.

Lumina is considered to be a perfect alternative to Photoshop as it provides great graphic designing options to people. 

Graphic designing in today’s date has turned out to be a very important component for any person

who is looking forward to having the functional and affordable alternative to photography to create amazing graphic designs that can go to any of these seven graphic design applications.