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Being satisfied with the fact that you have given the responsibility of online marketing of your site to a well-known SEO company is good. But blindly trusting the company, and never peeping inside their practices is not good. While you must know the must-dos, you also must know the wrongful methods one must avoid in SEO and online marketing. Else your site can be the victim of application of SEO violation through black or grey hat tactics and spamming.

Violation of SEO rules set by search engines results in website penalty

There are some rules in SEO. There is no rule book as such. But rules are set by SEO experts and strategy makers who study the algorithms and working methods of search engines to make the rules. Leading search engines have their way of working, and they do not like over promotional sites which would like to take advantage of just any posting opportunity. Sites that create links and posts without bothering if the content is of any help or utility to the readers or not are doing it wrong. Content that has no positive value, meaning, or output, and does not contribute towards any positive growth of education, information, knowledge, etc. is considered spam and non-productive. And promotion of such content by any means is considered very unacceptable by search engines.

That is why such kind of content promotion is considered a violation of SEO rules and results in websites being penalized by search engines. If search engines detect a site to constantly build links and post content, which has no meaning or value and does not contribute in any way to human welfare, knowledge building, product information, or anything productive, then they will mark the website as a spammer. The value and position of that website will be reduced. Such websites lose their position and ranking in search results, how much effort you put behind link building. And the position gradually gets lower, and the site may also get de-indexed by Google and other search engines.

penalize your site

Why would an SEO company do such things that penalize your site?

SEO companies try to gain business, which is but natural. And in this process, to satisfy a customer so that they stick to their company only and does not switch service, they may try such tactics which would yield result soon, and spike the ranking of the website in a very short time. When spams are posted, and rules are violated in SEO, then the results trick you momentarily. The website ranking initially boosts till search engines detect that all the links built are made on spammy posts. And once this is found the website ranking is smashed.

And you are the sufferer in that case because the SEO company already has got at least one to three months of business from you by that time. But companies who are not looking after short term business, and rather believe in building a reputation of their client’s website by putting in an effort that shows in the longer run, would not apply any dirty tactics for ranking the site.

You must know what is considered as spam and what SEO violation is

If you have an idea of what is a spam post, a spammy link, or how rules are violated while doing SEO, then you may exercise some check on the activities of your SEO company. This way, you can monitor if they are doing things organically, or are mixing spammy ways in things. Little would your SEO company expect that you know about SEO violations etc. Hence having this knowledge would be a great advantage for you.

Tell your SEO company to avoid all black hat things at any cost

The penalty for applying black hat tactics and violating SEO norms can be huge. You must tell your SEO company that you expect a slow and gradual ascent and are not after overnight fame. Assure them that they may take time and slowly take you to the peak instead of trying anything silly to impress you now with a great rank, and later you will be the one paying the penalty. It’s your assuring words as the client that will tell your SEO company that you have the patience to wait, and are going to stick around them for quality time as you see movement and growth in rank gradually.

If you are already dealing with the experts who would always go the organic way whether you stay with them or not, like the SEO Kotton Grammer Chicago agency, then you need not worry at all, and need not speak to the SEO expert separately on this.

Accidental spamming

Accidental spamming

Accidentalspamming is also a common thing. Many people who are not well aware of the SEO norms and the latest search engine updates can do so by mistake out of ignorance. When you are doing something out of ignorance, then it’s your lack of knowledge that has to be blamed. In digital marketing, you need to stay constantly updated. When you are not updating yourself, you have this chance of making an accidental spamming mistake. If you or your SEO agency makes this mistake, then the penalty will be paid by your site only. To avoid all chances of accidental spamming, you must always get updated with the latest changes in norms in SEO and social media marketing.

Concluding notes

How content has to be made, what cloaking is, how to avoid keyword stuffing, and many such things must be learned and applied. When you know which are acceptable and which are not, you can help avoid blunder mistakes. Reading google updates is the job of SEO experts, and if you are the site owner and the business owner too, then you may not have all the time to go through all these. But still, you must read some SEO blogs to keep your concept clear of the best practices and the malpractices. This way you can help yourself, and your SEO agency plays safe.

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