In recent years, the home automation market has not stopped growing despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although overall growth slowed in the first half of 2020, most manufacturers reported that they were able to fully recover in the second half of 2020, which helped smart home systems maintain momentum.

Thanks to the production of well-known linear actuators, everyone can independently create their own project of updating various household items and furniture.

According to some analysts evaluating the home automation industry, the pandemic has contributed in part to the industry’s growth.

Since people began to spend a lot of time at home in the midst of the coronavirus, the requirements for indoor comfort increased, which aroused interest, first of all, in devices for automating lighting, standing desk frame, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

Things with an Automated Technological System

A key factor in the growth of smart home systems in 2022, experts expect, will be interoperability.

Despite the fact that many brands still offer “closed” solutions, they are already ready to cooperate with other companies to create the smart home of the future, which can use equipment from different manufacturers.

It has also been observed that many homeowners implement their own automation projects using electric linear actuators and other types of these simple and at the same time helpful technical solutions.

Another trend of the modern smart home is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI).

For example, with the help of smart panels, you can quickly identify problem points in the power supply system and energy losses, and make informed decisions to reduce senseless costs.

Along with improving the energy efficiency of buildings, many companies offer audio and video analytics for health monitoring, including monitoring breathing and detecting signs of stress.

Home Automation Projects You Can Realize Using Linear Actuators

If you belong to those people who are constantly busy and do not have time for extra unnecessary activities, automated technological systems can change everything considerably.

For some groups of people who are not aware of automation benefits, it can be considered as something that breeds laziness.

But on the other hand, there are those who have already experienced these benefits and see how productive they are in work and personal life.

Home Automation Projects You Can Realize Using Linear Actuators

Relying on automated technologies you can let your windows open automatically depending on the outside sensors, feed the cat without your help, get a cup of coffee when you want, and even get your bathtub filled with warm water before several minutes you come home.

In such a way, it’s possible to spend that time on something more important.

While these tech innovations might come close to people at the emotional level, it’s can be perceived as immensely handy as well.

When dealing with automated technologies, you will gain absolutely safe and economically efficient solutions that are difficult to compare with people’s attitudes.

Below are only some of the popular home automation project examples where regular things work automatically.

Automated Window Shades

Automated Window Shades

One of the most popular and functional light protection systems is automatic roller blinds for plastic windows, which make every home practical, cozy, and stylish.

Like classic manually operated roller blinds, automatic systems are a textile fabric that is wound on a shaft.

The only difference is that the process of opening/closing the curtains is electrically driven by remote control.

Garage Opener App

Garage Opener App

Automatic control of the entrance gate makes it easier and safer for the car to enter the site or garage.

The advantages of an electric linear actuator are obvious – you can open and close the doors directly from the car using the special app.

Today, reliable automatic gates can be built with your own hands just by following several simple recommendations.

Smart Bed Frame

Smart Bed Frame

Linear actuators have been widely applied for designing special smart bed frames that allow their owners to sleep in healthier positions reducing pain in different parts of the body and even using the massage function when you want.

Moreover, such a construction allows experience absolute control when you sleep, read your favorite book, or just watch TV.

By pressing the button you can select the appropriate position for your head, neck, back, and legs. A proper head adjustment will help you to reduce snoring and improve the circulation of blood.

Folding Kitchen Table

Folding Kitchen Table

Save space in your tiny kitchen using micro linear actuators for the table.

By installing these simple mechanisms, you will fold down and up the table when it’s necessary keeping your kitchen spacious and well-organized.