Android 8.0 Orea Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features

Mostly of smartphones are getting the update of latest Android 8.0 Oreo. Google Developers are design the Android 8.0 with lots of features and these features really very helpfull for you but Most of Peoples don’t know what’s the features and tips and Trick of Oreao. Let’s talk about the Android 8.0 in details.

1) OTP automatically reconigition:

In Android 8.0 Oreo smartphone has no need to entry OTP manually because 8.0 Oreo having the sense to automatically reconigition the OTP PIN.

2) Performance Improvement :

In Android smartphone everytime Run the apps in background that why our smartphone drains the smartphone battery but In Android 8.0 you have the option for forcely STOP the useless running application.
If some apps are running on background Android 8.0 oreo smartphone send you a notification to stop this apps.
How to STOP these Apps: Swipe the Top Notification >> You will be seen the option of Android System Option >> Click on it >> System opened the runnig app >> CLICK ON FORCE STOP APP.
It’s also help to increase your smartphone battery life and Performance of the smartphone.

3) Auto Fill in good feature :

It’s very irriating, when ever we are login our twitter acc, facebook acc more other accounts, firstly we are fill our email and second fill our password but In Android 8.0 have no need to do this anymore because in Oreo 8.0 OS, Google adds Auto fill feature just fill user username first words system automatically fill username and password, If you are selected Remember my password.

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4) Increase Battery backup and New battery management settings:

In Android 8.0 have too much advance battery feature if you are compare it with previous Android operating systems, In Battery management page will show when you was fully charged your smartphone art last.
– It’s show you which apps used too much battery.
If you want to STOP provide battery to those application which is using too much battery.

Go and Forcely STOP that app.

5) Too Much Secure and Upgrade the Developer Option:

First latest feature comes in Android 8.0 OREO is Google Play Protect and their are some interesting changes in Android 8.0 (OREO) for Android more secure.

Now if you want to activate your developer option System ask you for PIN, PATTERN, PASSWORD. Without passcode developer couldn’t be enabled.

If you want to enable Developer option 7 time tap on build numbers option.

6) Totally Upgrade all the EMOJI’s:

In Android 8.0 OREO google developers not only change the interface, graphics and icons. Google developers upgrade phone best thing which is different different new emoji’s. i am sure you love new emoji’s:)

7) New way to see Notifications with Notification Dots:

In OREO no need to open the application for seen the Notification, Message. In New operating system you have Notification Dot, if you want see the notification just long press on Notification Dot, system automatically opened the short notification.
Notification Dots is available on the top of every app icon.

8) Notification Snooze:

Wao! This features is very helpfull for everyone because sometime we are forget about the important notifcation reply. After update the OREO not worry about your important notification.
How to Snooze of Notification: When you are getting any notification >> Swipe down you notification toogle >> Just Left to Right swipe the that notification >> When Swipe it, you will be seen the CLOCK >> Just CLick on Clock icon >> Your Snooze is set >> After sometime system remember you for important notification.


It’s basically pop up feature like : Suppose you are watching movie on your phone while watching you recieved whatsapp message, with the help of picture and picture feature you will be pop up your video, your video in a pinned window in a corner of the screen when navigating within or between apps. Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode lets apps run a video activity in the pinned window while another activity continues in the background. It’s a basically multi-tasking feature.

10) Smart Text Selection:

Google set up AI in Android 8.0 (OREO) because this operating systen has sense to read Address, Phone and Emails.

Suppose: Someone send you an emails of our Home address and you want to copy that address text. When you are double tap on text address: Android O is too much smarter, it automatically recognizes that its address, Customer has no need to select manuly, It’s also same worked on when you want to copy an – Email address, Phone number, Fax number.

11) Fingerprint Gestures for Third Party Apps:

Google developers add to many features in Android 8.0. It feature is also very helpful for Android customers. Now customers can easily set up fingerprint gestures on third party apps.

For Example:

  • – Swipe down the finger on fingerprint sensor for open the whatsapp.
  • – Swipe up the finger on fingerprint sensor for open the Notifications.

  • 12) How to change Pre-Default themes of Android 8.0 Smartphone:

  • Follow Steps :
  • – Launch the Settings application
  • – Tap on the Display option- Tap on the Advanced option
    – Scroll down and tap on the Device Theme option
    – Tap on the Android O Device Theme of your choice
    – Tap on the Restart button to confirm the change
    – Wait for the device to reboot back into Android O
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