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One of the best ways to protect against threats is to have a good antivirus solution. In the market there are many options to choose from, so it is possible that you end up with a mess when you opt for one. The first thing you have to ask yourself is: “what type of use do I give to the computer?” It is not the same as needing an antivirus for work, in which the data should be as protected as possible, to be for personal use . In the latter case, other things also matter, such as having parental control, if you have children at home, or that does not affect performance.

In any case, beyond the use that you give, there are some tips that you should put into practice . If you want to enjoy the best antivirus for windows that takes you away from dangers, both you and yours.


Most antivirus programs have a trial version that will allow you to test it before paying for a license. We recommend that you do it, because this way you will check better if it is really effective and if it is valid for what you need. For example, some like ESET Internet Security or Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 give you the chance to try it for free for a month. Others like the G Data Internet Security 2018 allow you to try it 30 days without commitment and receive a refund if you have not met your expectations. The latter is a current solution that will keep you sufficiently protected against any type of malware and that, in addition, will execute a quick analysis of the system.

This antivirus includes firewalls, as well as protection against network attacks (IDS) or against the dreaded ransomware. It also offers UEFI scanner, the current equivalent to the old BIOS, and integrates with the email manager in search of possible malware. It works with both POP3 and IMAP. This software has a cost of 35 euros per year.


Faced with an attack on your network from the Internet, the firewall is undoubtedly the first line of defense. Therefore, you must be prepared to fight against any type of unauthorized access, thus preventing an attacker from entering the local network or your PC. It is fundamental, therefore, that the antivirus you choose has this function. If this is the case, we recommend that you deactivate the Windows firewall. Some users say they notice a higher performance when this happens. In addition, current antivirus programs are prepared to work without problems consuming few resources.


Buying online is already something that is common in any self-respecting computer. We advise you to see that the antivirus you install has protection for ecommerce. It will keep you protected during the transactions of a possible data theft or phishing, one of the most used methods by cybercriminals to fraud and obtain confidential information in a fraudulent way. For example, detailed information about credit cards or passwords.


Do you have children at home who use the computer? If so, we recommend that the antivirus you choose has parental control. It is a tool that allows parents to limit access to different applications or services that minors can access. It also allows to limit the time of use that is given to the equipment. Imagine that you want your child to be only one hour connected. After that time the computer will turn off automatically.

The best thing about an antivirus with parental control is that it restricts the entry to web pages according to their content. Likewise, it also blocks the transfer of personal data through instant messaging clients. When parental control is activated, messages with personal information are paralyzed and message attempts are displayed in the report. The great advantage of this function is that in the configuration tab you will be able to know if your child can be in danger when using the PC and put a stop to this.


It is true that all antivirus uses computer resources, but a good one should protect without slowing down the system too much. Therefore, another of our tips is that you opt for quality software to enjoy maximum security, and continue working on your computer without delays. Keep in mind that with some more limited solutions protection is reduced in order to achieve greater fluency.


Some antivirus programs have protection against banking Trojans. What does this mean? Basically, we will have a security bonus when entering our bank account through the Internet and operate with it. Think that every minute new threats come out and that the cybercriminals are responsible for distributing them. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to be protected completely and instantly.


It is very important that the antivirus you choose has a technical support to match, trained to advise and help in case of problems. The current threats like the Ransomware can cause that, in a certain moment, we need an extra help before a blockade or kidnapping. Antivirus such as G Data or ESET offer a very professional support. You already have problems with the invoice, with the software, with a virus or in an order. The contact can usually be made through an email, or a phone that is operational from Monday to Friday 24 hours.


Finally, if you have the chance to opt for a much better global solution. In this way, you will be safe, not only when you use the computer, also when you are driving your mobile or tablet. Being protected in all the devices that you use and at the same time, is a way to avoid malware and other dangers that threaten the network.


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