8 Best Tricks to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion

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  1. Looking to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates? 8 Tips That Come Handy

It will not be an overstatement to quote that e-commerce businesses thrive on conversions. Conversions have it in them to either make or mar your online business, so that a concept called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is already doing the rounds. This concept is all about increasing the percentage of visitors to your website which will convert into loyal customers. CRO is also about enabling the visitors to perform the desired action on your e-store or webpage. For all those who are looking to boost their landing page conversion rates, below is the rundown of 8 awesome tips that will prove their worth.

  1. A Powerful Headline Does the Trick

First and foremost, it is very important that you plug in a powerful headline to your landing page. Landing page headlines should aim at providing a solution to the problem your visitor is facing. Research indicates that visitors leave a landing page within 8 seconds and only 2 out of 10 people proceed to read further after having read the headline. Since this is a very tiny share, it calls for a great deal of detailing. As it is your objective to attract the visitors’ attention within this short span, you should engage them with shorter headlines (6 to 12 words). Short headlines promise higher click rates along with a higher conversion rate.

Descriptive headlines should clearly indicate what the visitor can expect from the page, whether you are talking about a service, product or a download option. Headlines which are to-the-point, clear and compelling instantly catch the eyes of visitors. You should also make sure that your headline matches your ad. Marketers who love humor have a choice to add a funny element to the headline.

  1. An Engaging Copy Holds A Greater Promise

After you have successfully delivered a crisp and compelling headline, you need to work towards supporting it with an engaging copy. It is for this purpose that e-commerce enterprise owners should invest time and efforts in chalking out a content strategy for landing pages. A pre-defined content plan will enable you to effortlessly narrate a story that is in sync with the needs of your visitors. The copy should be so beautifully woven that the user should grasp information about your offerings; in a jiffy. The tip to creating an engaging copy is to use bullets followed by short and precise sentences highlighting the benefits of your products.

  1. Aim to Provide Answers To Unresolved Questions

Once you have come up with an engaging landing page copy, you should focus on providing answers to the most important question that visitors often face: “How will I benefit from this product/service”? That means, your landing copy should be in sync with the probable questions that crop in the minds of visitors. You should anticipate all such questions and provide answers to them.

  1. Reviews and Testimonials Deliver Social Validation

When your landing page displays positive endorsements coming from your customers, it will enhance the legitimacy of your business. Detailed client testimonials describing how you tried to resolve their issues can be included on your landing page. While mentioning such endorsements, you should be mindful to quote the full name of the client/customer along with the type of service that was beneficial to him/her. When such details are given out in product reviews, you will be able to better convince your visitors about your products/services. This human element is sure to catch the attention of visitors.

Elements linked to social media proofs such as likes, pins and logos can also be included on the landing page. These are indicators of acceptance by the general public who have vouched for your products/services. All those visitors who are on the brink of making that decision can look up your social media testimonials and finally, initiate the “call to action” (CTA).

Another interesting way to improve your landing page conversion rates is to use the pictures of real customers who have benefitted from your offerings. Happy faces supported by an honest recommendation will go a long way.

  1. Trust Badges and Guarantees – The Much-Needed Elements For An E-Store

In order to provide superior security to the customer and business information, you should not only enable best SSL certificate but should also employ guarantees and trust badge. This badge which comes in the form of site seal with SSL is of utmost importance to boost user’s trust. Clickable badge enable users to know more about your HTTPS connection, your business ethics. Such an activity will eventually boost your landing page conversion rates. Another actionable point about badges is to place them very close to the button that will prompt visitors to perform the desired action.

Additionally, you can also check out the various guarantees that you can offer to your visitors like lifetime guarantee, a free trial period, 100% money-back or risk-free guarantee and the like. Attracting visitors with such guarantees is another intelligent means to improve your conversions on the landing page.

  1. Let Videos Do The Talking

In line with the common adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, you can choose to include animated videos and slides on the landing page that can play for about 1-3 minutes. Tagged as explainer videos, you can attract the attention of visitors through these informative clips describing your products and business to users.

Since users respond better to visuals when compared to volumes of text, these videos when supported by compelling scripts do the trick of enhancing your conversions. Your script can be creatively crafted by employing voiceovers talking about the top benefits of your products. You can end the video presentation with a CTA. However, the trick here is to keep the video as short as possible for visitors to completely watch and understand.

  1. Let Not the Buttons Take The Back Seat

Another important tip that should be followed by e-commerce enterprises looking to boost their conversion rates is to spend time on the creation of buttons. Most often, buttons are the primary CTA instruments. Hence you should delve deep into everything concerning buttons, their shape, size, color, look and placement.

There are ample choices with regard to the color including the commonly used orange and red. You can pick the one according to the majority and you are sorted. Speaking of the shape of buttons, you can employ buttons with rounded corners as they are softer on the eyes. When it comes to size, the bigger the better. But you can minimize or maximize the size according to the conversion rate statistics. The primary purpose behind a landing page is to register direct sales, generate leads and build relationships with your visitors. Hence you should employ a number of CTA buttons that will compel your visitors to complete the desired action.

  1. Testing is the Keyword

With so many elements making up a landing page, it pays for marketers to test everything. Testing every single element of the landing page will help you make the first best impression on the minds of visitors. Conversion Optimization Experts are expected to test every element so that it delivers what it is supposed to. When you test, you will uncover areas that demand corrections, whether they are about the images, layouts, headlines or the buttons. Testing is thus a mandatory procedure that will offer immense scope for improvements.

Key Takeaways

You should keep in mind that your prime objective concerning landing pages should be to stand apart from others by being different. It is this element of novelty that will catch the attention of visitors who, through word of mouth will make others know about your online offerings. All for the sake of guaranteeing higher conversion rates, the above-described 8 tips can help you create dynamic landing pages that are so unique from the routine ones.

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