7 Inventive Gadgets to charge your iPhone anytime, anyplace

Apple’s been striving to use the best technology to improve the battery life with each subsequent software update. The numerous development in the technology aims at improving the overall system and battery performance. Still, every iPhone user will find himself running out of battery looking for a way to charge the phone quickly. The ideal solution would be to power bank or a USB charger to recharge your battery iPhone tricks. Unfortunately, there are times when you can’t find any of these. So what will be the next best option?

Below are some handy tips to top your charge quickly.

  1. Universal waterproof charger

If you’re planning to spend a day out in the sunlight, you might want to consider using solar power or waterproof charging bank from mobile domain. The water resistant charger is a powerful charger with 5,000 mAh battery capacity, allowing to charge the phone instantly and easily by hanging outside. The bank is sleekly designed to support iOS or Android devices.

  1. Qi wireless charging Pad

Apple has acquired wireless charging claiming to be the most efficient and reliable charging device. The effortless way helps us to grow out of the cables world and eliminate the need to carry cords. The tech allows the user to easily rest their phone while charging and pick it up if they want to go. The Qi wireless charging pad is a must have device available at unbelievable price. The smart device has an intelligence built-in tech that cares care of the battery and save it from getting damaged by overheating and short circuit.

  1. USB wall charger with LED night light

With the powerful USB travel/ wall charger is an efficient device. Any wall can be transformed into a charging port like you haven’t seen before. The powerful charger gives the availability of two USB ports and a standard 3 plug face to give you 3 ports charging at a single time.

  1. 6 Port high speed charger

The exclusive multiple charging port is a high speed charger to charge multiple devices at a consistent high speed. The charging hub is designed aiming to help automatically charge the mobile devices with optimal speed. The family size USB charger assures to power your device for the years to come.

  1. PowerCube 50,000  mAh Power Station

The massive charging bank has a huge capacity to charge the phone up to 8 outputs for maximum capability and ease-of-use. The PowerCube is capable of charging your laptop, iPhone, computer, and other electronic devices etc.

  1. Disposable battery chargers

There are multiple ways to charge your phone conveniently but no method is convenient as Powertabs disposable chargers. This charger is quite reliable, expensive, and easy-to-use, with each charger have capability to charge 4 device on the go of battery life. Powertabs are best for emergency situations and perfect in case you’re travelling, shopping or putting somewhere.

  1. Travel charging adapter

Travel charger is a small portable charger that can be carried around in your pocket and is a perfect traveling companion. It offers support for charging in more than 150+ countries. You can lock your chosen place and take advantage of USB charging port. The device supports iOS and Android devices.

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