Looking for ways to draw more attention to your bike in subtle but effective ways? In addition to maximizing your bike’s performance by making sure you have a high-performance motorcycle battery and quality components, you can turn heads by incorporating chrome onto your motorcycle’s exterior.  Chrome is one of the hottest trends for 2019 and can add shine and masculinity. Here are five easy ways to use chrome on your bike.

  • Protective Freeway Bars

Freeway bars serve the dual functions of protecting your motorcycle and making it look more attractive. When you purchase freeway bars made from chrome, you get an intimidating, standout look that will give you the attention you crave on the road.

  • Handlebars

Handlebars provide the perfect opportunity to show off some flashy chrome. No matter what handlebar shape you choose, you’ll make a statement if you choose handlebars that are made either entirely or partially of chrome. Just make sure you get cozy grips so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for appearance.

  • Kickback Risers

Help your new chrome handlebars stand out even more by pairing them with striking chrome kickback risers. Take accurate measurements to determine how tall you want your handlebar risers to be.

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  • Wheels

If your wheels look ordinary and forgettable, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Chrome wheels are flashy and intimidating. They’ll help you stand out in a crowd without even trying.

  • Footpegs

Footpegs are small, but when they’re made with chrome accents, they inevitably attract attention. Take some time to figure out what type of footpegs are most comfortable to you – rounded or flat. Choose passenger cruise pegs and chrome peg mounts that match for a seamless look.

You don’t need to have massive amounts of chrome on your bike to make a statement. Even one or two well-placed chrome OEM bike parts can transform the look of your bike and give you the power to turn heads while cruising.