What is a Promotion Blog?

The next type of blog is promotional ones. most popular. They are blogs that provide information about the service or product that is offered, then repeat it again and again. The actual content is only updated when new products are released. Blogs on topics are not the most frequent, but they are also the most effective.

If you’re looking to boost the amount of traffic to your blog by 2022 and beyond, investing in a robust Instagram strategy is an excellent starting point.

Instagram is brimming with community-building tools – and has an enormous user base of more than 2 billion monthly users to connect to.

Whatever your area of expertise you’re in, there’s a huge audience waiting to join you on Instagram.

Here are Five Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Visibility on Instagram:

#1: Use a Link in Bio Tool to Create More Traffic-driving Opportunities

On Instagram it is possible to only include only one hyperlink in the bio of your profile at any one time.

However, this could mean that you have to change your bio’s URL every when you publish new blog posts — in addition to being cumbersome, can limit the number of clicks you can get on previously published blog content.

Instead of using an application that grants you the ability to share multiple hyperlinks at once?

Through Linkin.bio by Later You can share links from one simple-to-navigate landing pages:

  • You can include a set of buttons that you can customize that mirroring your Instagram feed by adding clickable images, or include the possibility of a YouTube video.
  • The greatest aspect? Linkin.bio’s fundamental features — such as buttons and featured media, linked images and analytics are available for free to every user.
  • You can easily transfer traffic from Instagram to your website using Linkin.bio by Later – which is no cost.
  • Get traffic on Instagram at no cost.
  • Create your bio to perform for you by using Linkin.bio By Later.


#2: Include Clear Call-to-actions in Captions, Stories, and Reels

Incorporating your blog’s content into your bio link landing page is fantastic however, it’s just one part of the overall picture.

You must drive your customers to this.

Include a clear call to action (CTA) within your Instagram feed post’s captions as well as Instagram Stories and Reels is among the most straightforward and efficient methods to increase engagement and increase traffic on your site.

CTAs can come in many forms , so don’t be scared to be creative and make use of those traffic-generating opportunities! Text on-screen, verbal calls-outs and appealing captions are all tried and tested methods to use in your marketing strategy.

#3: Share Your Blog Posts on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are among the most effective tools for driving visitors towards your websitethanks to a recently released link sticker, which is accessible to every account.

We utilize this feature constantly at Later as we often publish new blog posts on stories:

For best outcomes, ensure that you’re attracting the most attention to your link’s sticker. This could be through custom templates for stories (like we do at Later) or by adding attention-grabbing GIFs.

NOTE: If you post your blog’s URL in Instagram Stories, it will disappear within 24 hours, unless you save the post as a highlight which allows them to be seen by people who are looking at your profile at all times.

  • Storyboard and plan Your Instagram Stories in just a couple of clicks using Later! When the time comes to publish and you’ll receive everything you need right into your smartphone. It’s available for all plans that are paid.
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#4: Tease Blog Content in the Captions

If you use Instagram to advertise your blog, the captions are of particular importance.

Consider your captions as an opportunity to draw attention to your blog contents – convince your readers they should read more.

  • You can also check out Take Our Owambe, a blog and podcast that celebrates Black Love stories as an instance.
  • They make use of captions to attract their audience by providing interesting snippets of information and invite readers to read more through their bio.
  • TIP: Do you want to increase how your captions look? Consider writing them on your computer!
  • The Later’s Instagram scheduling tool lets you to schedule your posts and create your captions ahead of time using an entire keyboard. It’s a game-changer!
  • Free Instagram Scheduler
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#5: Prioritize Video and High-impact Visuals

Instagram algorithm is a game changer. Instagram algorithm is focusing on videos more than ever.

In this light it’s important to plan advertising content that fits into what the algorithm is looking for.

Even if it’s just only a brief Reel discussing the content of your most recent blog (paired with a powerful CTA) it will result in higher outcomes.

Learn more about how we do this on later:

You’re now prepared!

By incorporating these suggestions into your Instagram marketing toolbox you’ll be able utilize the power of the platform to drive more the number of visitors towards your site.

However, as you test these strategies, keep in mind that finding your niche on any social network particularly when you are trying something new, will be a long process.

Be aware of the things that work best for you and make sure you do it again.

The number of people who read your blog will increase within a matter of minutes.