3 Razer Keyboards That Are Worth Buying

When you think about gaming keyboards, inevitably, Razer comes to mind. The brand has a tied connection to gaming and it has been one of the driving forces behind the popularization of mechanical keyboards in gaming. Over the years, the competition brought alternatives to Razer that were a bit more affordable. However, if you want a Razer mechanical gaming keyboard, you now have more options than ever. There are budget keyboards from Razer and you still have the premium ones that everyone has on their wishlist. There are three keyboards from the brand that you should keep a close eye on.

3 Razer Keyboards That Are Worth Buying


Budget Pick

The Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the best keyboards from the brand that you can buy on a tight budget. It has a sleek compact design but you will have to give up on a Numpad and wristpad. It is the kind of keyboard that fits inside a small backpack so that you can take it away to the office or at a gaming party. What needs to be said about this particular mechanical gaming keyboard is that it does not use Cherry switches. Instead, it has special switches designed by Razer. They work like regular mechanical switches but the key actuation is not done by having a metallic contact to send the input of a pressed key but by using an optical switch. When the key is pressed, the optical light beam inside the keyboard sends an instant input.

Mid-range Pick

For the mid-range, the Razer Blackwidow V3 represents the best option. Razer has moved away from Cherry switches and now uses only their in-house developed switches. The BlackWidow V3 can be found in several different Razer switch configurations, each with its distinct properties. You can get a more clicky version, one that is more silent or you can even get one with switches that are estimated to last 80 million keystrokes. There are plenty of options to choose from and the only thing you need is to do a little research on what each type of switch is meant for.


High-end Pick

3 Razer Keyboards That Are Worth Buying

The top of the range keyboard that Razer currently makes is the Huntsman V2. Just like the mini, it uses the Razer Optical Switches which are mechanical but with optical actuation. Like with the pure mechanical switches, there are several different types of switches to choose from depending on how you like your keyboard to sound and feel. What makes the Huntsman V2 an ideal mechanical gaming keyboard is its ergonomic design, features, and build quality. It feels like a sturdy keyboard. The model comes with a generous wristpad that has a soft leather surface with foam padding.

Being a full-size keyboard also means that it has a numpad and for gaming, it has programmable macro keys and multimedia keys. Even if the price tag of the Huntsman V2 is a bit steep, it compensates for its features. The Razer software is very well integrated allowing plenty of customization options including custom keyboard color mapping. Overall, if the budget is not a restriction, the Huntsman V2 is the ideal mechanical gaming keyboard from Razer. The only downside is that the keyboard is a bit large. It can be difficult to travel with it in a backpack thus you will most likely use it exclusively with your gaming PC. If you want a more compact version of the Huntsman, the Mini would be the right choice.



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